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Planning Overview

Planning Overview

In the 1960s, Glebe was viewed as a slum, ripe for demolition. Today it is a sought after residential suburb. The story of this transformation is not only a story of changing tastes and lifestyles, but also the story of a determined group of residents who saw the potential beauty and amenity of their suburb and fought to preserve it from the bulldozers.

Posts about Planning

Friend in Hand Hotel

Submission regarding outdoor dining at hotels
Posted on 28th November 2023

The Society has made a submission about regulations for outdoor dining at Glebe’s hotels.

Council refuses DA for 181 St Johns Road
Posted on 5th October 2023

The development application for 181 St Johns Road has been refused. You can read the Society’s submission and the Council’s determination here.

Planning Subcommittee Annual Report 2022-2023
Posted on 27th August 2023

Ian Stephenson, who steps down as President of the Society at this year’s AGM, has had a busy year wearing his other hat as Convenor of the Planning subcommittee.

From the President, August 2023
Posted on 2nd August 2023

In his monthly report, Ian Stephenson, President of the Glebe Society, supports prominent architects who strongly favour the retention and repair of public housing, rather than its demolition and replacement with new construction.

Peru Perumal; Glebe Society Planning Committee; Wigram Road September 1972

Celebrating Peru Perumal, a major figure in Glebe’s conservation
Posted on 17th August 2023

The Glebe Society is delighted to have received a substantial donation in memory of Peru Perumal. Peru was elected our President in 1972 and was a major figure in the conservation of Glebe.

Updates on current DAs in Glebe and Forest Lodge: August 2023
Posted on 2nd August 2023

Updates about development applications (DAs) for a group of buildings in Forest and Ross Street Forest Lodge; and the R J Williams (Wesley Mission) building at 274-276 Glebe Point Road.

New housing policy overrides heritage protection rules
Posted on 27th June 2023

In mid-June, NSW Premier Chris Minns announced a policy to allow developers to build higher and denser housing that will override local environment plans. It’s an attempt to solve Sydney’s housing affordability crisis. What will it mean for Glebe?

Updates on current development applications (DAs) in Glebe
Posted on 30th June 2023

Updates about development applications (DAs) for Bidura, St Scholastica’s College, Wesley Lodge and 82 Wentworth Park Road, currently being referred to the Local Planning Panel by the City of Sydney.

The Glebe Society’s submissions to City of Sydney Council, 2023
Posted on 1st March 2023

The Management Committee believes Glebe Society members benefit if they are informed of the Society’s submissions concerning development applications that may impact local Heritage Conservation Areas, the streetscape, the public domain or local amenity. This article contains links to recent submissions, and is updated monthly.

From the President – July 2023
Posted on 26th June 2023

In his monthly report, Ian Stephenson, President of the Society, proposes that the building set aside for public housing at 82 Wentworth Park Road be refurbished and extended rather than demolished.

Friend in Hand Hotel

Renewal of outdoor dining at The Friend in Hand
Posted on 30th May 2023

The Society recently lodged a submission in relation to an application for renewal of outdoor dining at The Friend in Hand Hotel. The key issue was whether, given its close proximity to houses, footpath dining should cease at 8 pm rather than 10 pm.

From the President – May 2023
Posted on 29th April 2023

In his monthly report, Ian Stephenson, President of the Glebe Society, welcomes the new government’s decision to place a moratorium on the sale of historic housing in the St Phillips and Lyndhurst Estates. And he’s come up with a new name for the developments in Cowper St and Wentworth Park Rd.

Having your cake and eating it too
Posted on 28th March 2023

Is it possible to build new social housing to fit in with a heritage conservation area? In this article Ian Stephenson, President of the Glebe Society, argues that the plan for the demolition of 82 Wentworth Park Rd is a case of not managing public assets in an intelligent manner.

The Glebe Society icon

Glebe Society submissions on development applications
Posted on 10th June 2022

Information about recent Glebe Society submissions on Development Applications in Glebe and Forest Lodge.

Demonstration against demolition of public housing in Wentworth Park Rd
Posted on 2nd October 2022

On 17 September, Hands Off Glebe held a demonstration to protest against the demolition of 17 public housing units at 82 Wentworth Park Rd by the NSW Land and Housing Corporation. Speakers called for existing public housing estates to be upgraded and repaired and for the social and urban fabric of Glebe to be respected, and for the NSW Government to stop ‘cannibalising’ public housing.

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