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Our Bulletin

The Glebe Society’s Bulletin is published ten times yearly and contains news affecting Glebe.  It provides a forum for the exchange of information, a community noticeboard and details of forthcoming Society events.

Some current issues featured in past Bulletins are published in this website’s News page and our Bulletin editor is happy to consider any matter pertaining to Glebe to be contributed material for publication.  Author guidelines can be downloaded. Click on Editor to send an email.

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  1. Comment by Nerida Kikken on 11 September 2022 at 4:54 pm:

    I would like to share something from the past. When I was a primary school student at Glebe Public School, our 3rd and 4th class were taken to St. Leonard’s Park north of the Harbour Bridge in1954 to see the Queen and Duke on their first visit to Australia after the Queen’s Coronation. I remember it was a very hot day. The Queen and Duke passed by in an open car giving us all a Royal Wave as they passed by. It was very exciting for us all to experience this special event. On the opposite side of the street, unknown to us, was a photographer from The Sydney Morning Herald. In 2006 a journalist from the newspaper wrote an article and used that photo. My husband said to me, ” what year did you see the Queen and where did you see her”? I told him in 1954 and at St. Leonard’s Park. He said, “there is a photo in the paper of that visit. When I looked at the photo used by the journalist, I saw myself in the photo with all the other children as the Queen and Duke were passing by us in the open car waving to us. I promptly rang the newspaper and ordered a copy for my keepsake. I have seen the Queen and Duke on many of their visits to Australia. I hope this is of some interest to you, particularly, as I went with Glebe Public School as a young schoolgirl for such a special event.

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