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A Unique Village Atmosphere

Fringed by Blackwattle and Rozelle Bays, Glebe was first settled in the late 1820s. Modern Glebe has retained many of its grand Victorian homes, Federation houses and modest workers’ cottages. These contribute to the unique character of the suburb. As a peninsula community, Glebe has a village environment with which residents very strongly identify.

Saturday morning in Glebe Point Road


In the preface to the second printing of Bernard and Kate Smith’s book, The Architectural Character of Glebe, former Glebe Society President, Peter Strickland, has written: “The character of Glebe depends not on the preservation of a limited number of houses that might be regarded as good examples of their kind. It is the totality of their built environment, the streetscapes and settings that really matter.”


Alternative Glebe

Glebe is an exciting place for residents and visitors alike. With its long history of “bohemian” lifestyle, activism and intellectual pursuits, Glebe’s reputation as an alternative suburb is well-founded. In addition to its many restaurants and coffee shops, Glebe Point Road offers a range of “Lifestyle” practitioners, shops and bookshops which reflect a wide variety of products such as candles, essential oils, herbal remedies and a full homeopathic dispensary. Saturdays are particularly colourful, with the Glebe Markets stall-holders offering shoppers an eclectic range of alternative products, ethnic clothing and entertainment.

Glebe Markets

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