Brian Fuller, Heritage Convenor, Bulletin 4/2022, June 2022, updated November 2022

The Management Committee believes there are benefits to members if they are informed of the submissions made by the Society concerning Development Applications (DA) that the Society considers to have an impact on the Heritage Conservation Areas, the streetscape, the public domain or local amenity.

Molnar’s cartoon, ‘But officer, I am taking home this piece of national heritage to preserve it.’ (Image: Sydney Morning Herald ca. 1960, National Library of Australia)

The Committee acknowledges that residents and developers want to undertake additions and renovations to their properties conducive to 21st-century life. Sometimes, however, they or their consultants are not aware of – or appear to downgrade – the importance of compliance with the well-considered Planning Controls that serve to protect and enhance the values of the Heritage Conservation Areas that we all enjoy and cherish. The Committee considers the merits of making each submission before deciding to lodge it.

Details and links to the submissions lodged with the City of Sydney are below. The DA number is provided for those wishing to undertake further research into the Development Application documentation.

While this advice is provided after the submission has been made, and therefore after the closing date, those wishing to undertake a more proactive interest can register their details with the City of Sydney to receive direct notification of all DAs in your nominated area. This will enable you to make your own submission before the closing date.

Access to all DA documentation is via the City of Sydney’s DA Tracker on its website. The DA Tracker is easier to use if you know the exact property address and/or the DA number.

Recent submissions to Council from the Glebe Society include: