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Aims of the Society

The Glebe Society aims to make Glebe and Forest Lodge great places to live for current and future residents by:

  • protecting our heritage,
  • encouraging a sense of community, and
  • caring for our environment.

We do this by working to preserve and enhance the natural and architectural character of Glebe.  We encourage sound urban planning, architectural and heritage conservation practices. We support developments that respect social and heritage values and balance economic imperatives, and we oppose those that do not. We promote improved transport options, including for pedestrians and cyclists.

We aim to stimulate interest in the history and heritage of Glebe and Forest Lodge.

We want the diverse character of the area to be maintained, which means maintaining housing for low-income earners. The diversity of Glebe is one of its strengths.

We also aim to protect and enhance the natural environment, open spaces and biodiversity.

We aim to foster community spirit and activities.  We work with other local organisations and involve local residents in our activities, such as campaigns, habitat creation and community projects.

Importantly, we provide

  • opportunities for members and residents to express their views on issues affecting Glebe
  • community input into government decisions which affect Glebe, now and into the future



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  1. Comment by Beverley Smith on 8 March 2016 at 3:54 pm:

    I have just discovered this site and it is FABULOUS. I was born in Forest Lodge in the mid 1900’s and my family history research is taking me back to the mid 1800’s when both my maternal and paternal families resided and worked in the Glebe area. I shall take the time to study the all the information you have made available. Well done people.

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