By Ian Stephenson, President, Bulletin 5/2023, July

There is considerable interest in current development applications for Bidura, St Scholastica’s College, Wesley Lodge and 82 Wentworth Park Road .

The table below shows the targeted meeting dates for them to come before the City of Sydney Local Planning Panel (LPP); the actual date may be later.  The information is current as of 16 June 2023.

Application numberAddressDescription of proposed developmentTarget LPP meeting dateReason for referral to LPP for determination
D/2022/2292 Avenue Road, GlebeAlterations and addtions to educational establishment known as St Scholastica's College19/07/2023Departure from development standards
357 Glebe Point Road, Glebe
PAN-113125 - Section 4.56 modification of Land and Environment Court concept approval to modify the building envelope to be consistent with the detailed development application D/2021/711.09/08/2023Contentious development
357 Glebe Point Road, Glebe
Detailed design for the demolition of the existing MRC building, remediation, construction of a 3 to 7 storey residential flat building containing 56 apartments, 7 x 2 storey terraces, shared basement over 3 levels with associated car parking, landscape works, tree removal, use of Bidura House Group as a single residence, conservation works with new garage and amendment to curtilage, and public domain improvements to Ferry Lane for footpath widening and land dedication. The application is Integrated Development, requiring approval from Heritage NSW under the Heritage Act 1977. The application is being assessed concurrently with concept modification D/2017/582/A.09/08/2023(i) Sensitive development (ii) SEPP65 (design quality), and (iii) Contentious development
D/2019/1470/AWesley Lodge
274-276 Glebe Point Road, Glebe
S4.55(2) - Modification of consent to approved boarding house to include a reduction in rooms and associated works30/08/2023Owner seeks modification changes to LPP conditions
D/2023/2182 Wentworth Park Road, GlebeDemolition of existing buildings, tree removal, and construction of a four storey residential flat building for 43 affordable housing dwellings30/08/2023(i) Sensitive Development, (ii) SEPP65 (Design Quality)