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Heritage Issues

What is Heritage?

‘Heritage’ is the tangible evidence of our history, the things we want to keep, not only for our own enjoyment and education but also for future generations.

Posts about Heritage Issues

Original porch substantially retained
Posted on 28th February 2023

The Society has successfully submitted that the adaptation of the front porch of St James Hall, Woolley St, be redesigned to retain as much as possible of the original porch. A sensible decision.

Remembering Tibby Cotter
Posted on 2nd March 2023

The eleventh site nominated for a Blue Plaque by the Glebe Society is Monteith at 266 Glebe Point Road, where the famous cricketer Albert ‘Tibby’ Cotter lived. Blue Plaques are part of a NSW Government program that aims to capture public interest in and fascination with people, events and places that are important to the stories of NSW.

Glebe’s social, commercial and industrial history
Posted on 20th December 2022

This year the Glebe Society’s Bulletin has published many fascinating articles about Glebe’s social, commercial and industrial history, its historic buildings and about the people and families who lived here in the 19th and 20th centuries. Often in response to enquiries from members of the public with a family connection to Glebe.

What’s happening at Bidura?
Posted on 14th December 2022

Bidura at 357 Glebe Point Road was built in 1860 by Edmund Blacket and is listed on the State Heritage Register. Property developer Vision Land has plans to demolish the Metropolitan Remand Centre (behind the heritage building) and replace it with an apartment block. The Council is expected to make a decision about the latest DA in mid-December. Meanwhile the heritage building and fence look to be in serious need of repair.

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Glebe Society submissions on development applications
Posted on 10th June 2022

Information about recent Glebe Society submissions on Development Applications in Glebe and Forest Lodge.

Heritage Subcommittee 2022 Annual Report
Posted on 11th September 2022

The Heritage Subcommittee continued their dedicated work towards the heritage preservation and enhancement of Glebe and Forest Lodge for the benefit of our community now and into the future. They contributed to the Review of the NSW Heritage Act 1977 and the Review of the Local Environmental Plan 2012, nominated properties for Blue Plaques and wrote numerous articles in the Bulletin relating to 2037’s history. They also responded to many community requests for heritage and historical information about Glebe and Forest Lodge.

From the President, August 2022
Posted on 8th August 2022

In his President’s Report, Ian Stephenson announced that the Society is looking for Convenors for two Subcommittees – Community Development and Environment. He also reports on the National Trust’s ‘No Time to Spare II’ exhibition at the Riverside Theatre, Parramatta.

Forest Lodge home wins NSW Architecture Award
Posted on 9th August 2022

“A joyful Forest Lodge home” in Wood St has been awarded the Australian Institute of Architects Wilkinson Award for the best new home in 2021. Stable House is owned and designed by Qianyi Lim, a Director at Sibling Architecture and Associate Professor of Practice (Architecture) at the University of Sydney.

The raison d’être of the Glebe Society
Posted on 9th October 2022

Reflections written in 2010 (with some factual updates since) on the social and economic conditions in Glebe in the 1960s and the factors that saw the birth of the Glebe Society. In the intervening 50 years, the changing demographics of Glebe have also played a role, arguably both positive and negative. By long term Glebe Society member and former Planning Convenor, Neil Macindoe.

Caroline Jones and the Glebe Estate, ‘This Day Tonight’ 1972
Posted on 10th June 2022

In 1972 when she was a reporter on the ABC’s ‘This Day Tonight,’ Caroline Jones’s report on the Glebe Estate shocked viewers, many of whom were seeing for the first time what living in poverty looked like in Australia. The landlord, the Anglican Church thought that the best solution to its problem was to sell the Estate to developers, knocking down the historic cottages without concern for the community that had taken root there. Thanks to Tom Uren that did not occur and it was bought by the government. Unfortunately, today it’s not safe from further predations by developers, while the current NSW Government turns a blind eye to ‘demolition by neglect’.

Glebe Society submissions on development applications

Glebe Society submissions on development applications
Posted on 12th June 2022

Information about recent Glebe Society submissions on Development Applications in Glebe and Forest Lodge.

From the President – March 2022

From the President – March 2022
Posted on 7th March 2022

The Glebe Society has been incredibly busy over summer. Catch up with what we’ve been doing by reading the President’s Report.

The Land and Housing Corporation gets the details wrong
Posted on 7th March 2022

One on of the brilliant things about the project by the Federal Government, and later the NSW Government, to restore the former church estates was that they went to a lot of trouble to get the details right. Sadly, the NSW Land and Housing Corporation which looks after the former church estates seems to have lost its memory and its skills.

Re-submitted DA for Bidura still unacceptable
Posted on 4th March 2022

The Society has lodged a follow-up submission in relation to the Bidura development application (DA) which proposes a large scale apartment complex behind the heritage-listed building, replacing the concrete Metropolitan Remand Centre/Childrens Court built in the early 1980s. This follows a period of consultation between the City of Sydney and the developers, Visionland, and amendments to their original proposal. The Society believes that aspects of the proposed development will be alien to the architectural character of Glebe and should not be approved.

Water tower heritage interpretation artwork
Posted on 6th November 2021

One of the requirements of the DA for the development of Harold Park was that the water tank associated with the Rozelle Tram Yards be reinstated. The tank has been reinstated as an artwork by Chris Fox called ‘Immerge’.

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