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Heritage Issues

What is Heritage?

‘Heritage’ is the tangible evidence of our history, the things we want to keep, not only for our own enjoyment and education but also for future generations.

Posts about Heritage Issues

Heritage and the housing crisis: higher density must respect amenity
Posted on 28th November 2023

What’s the common ground between YIMBYs and NIMBYs? This article is reproduced with the permission of the Marrickville Heritage Society.

The Villas of Glebe: A Glebe Society Walk
Posted on 29th October 2023

Another successful Glebe Society Walk in October took participants on a tour of the grand villas of Glebe, some still extant, others a matter of history.

Researching your house – update
Posted on 29th August 2023

Want to know the history of your house? Guidelines and records are readily available. Historical photographs, maps and Council records which cover Glebe and Forest Lodge are online at the City of Sydney website.


Bidura: Development Application recap and update
Posted on 28th August 2023

Bidura, the heritage listed former home of architect Edmund Blacket on Glebe Point Road s now on offer for short term lease.

Heritage Subcommittee Annual Report 2022-2023
Posted on 27th August 2023

The Glebe Society’s Heritage Subcommittee is tasked with improving the amenity of Glebe and Forest Lodge by opposing development detrimental to heritage values or contrary to community interests; with encouraging sound town planning, architectural and conservation practices; and stimulating interest in the history and character of Glebe and Forest Lodge.

Peru Perumal; Glebe Society Planning Committee; Wigram Road September 1972

Celebrating Peru Perumal, a major figure in Glebe’s conservation
Posted on 17th August 2023

The Glebe Society is delighted to have received a substantial donation in memory of Peru Perumal. Peru was elected our President in 1972 and was a major figure in the conservation of Glebe.

Lyndhurst: Glebe’s Blue Plaque Nomination #16
Posted on 1st August 2023

It has been an Anglican college, a Catholic college, a laundry, an ice cream factory, and a printing works. It was set for demolition in 1972, but historic Lyndhurst in Darghan Street was saved by the Glebe Society and other community groups for restoration. Lyndhurst was nominated by the Society to be considered for a Blue Plaque.

New housing policy overrides heritage protection rules
Posted on 27th June 2023

In mid-June, NSW Premier Chris Minns announced a policy to allow developers to build higher and denser housing that will override local environment plans. It’s an attempt to solve Sydney’s housing affordability crisis. What will it mean for Glebe?

Original porch substantially retained
Posted on 28th February 2023

The Society has successfully submitted that the adaptation of the front porch of St James Hall, Woolley St, be redesigned to retain as much as possible of the original porch. A sensible decision.

Remembering Tibby Cotter
Posted on 2nd March 2023

The eleventh site nominated for a Blue Plaque by the Glebe Society is Monteith at 266 Glebe Point Road, where the famous cricketer Albert ‘Tibby’ Cotter lived. Blue Plaques are part of a NSW Government program that aims to capture public interest in and fascination with people, events and places that are important to the stories of NSW.

Glebe’s social, commercial and industrial history
Posted on 20th December 2022

This year the Glebe Society’s Bulletin has published many fascinating articles about Glebe’s social, commercial and industrial history, its historic buildings and about the people and families who lived here in the 19th and 20th centuries. Often in response to enquiries from members of the public with a family connection to Glebe.

What’s happening at Bidura?
Posted on 14th December 2022

Bidura at 357 Glebe Point Road was built in 1860 by Edmund Blacket and is listed on the State Heritage Register. Property developer Vision Land has plans to demolish the Metropolitan Remand Centre (behind the heritage building) and replace it with an apartment block. The Council is expected to make a decision about the latest DA in mid-December. Meanwhile the heritage building and fence look to be in serious need of repair.

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Glebe Society submissions on development applications
Posted on 10th June 2022

Information about recent Glebe Society submissions on Development Applications in Glebe and Forest Lodge.

Heritage Subcommittee 2022 Annual Report
Posted on 11th September 2022

The Heritage Subcommittee continued their dedicated work towards the heritage preservation and enhancement of Glebe and Forest Lodge for the benefit of our community now and into the future. They contributed to the Review of the NSW Heritage Act 1977 and the Review of the Local Environmental Plan 2012, nominated properties for Blue Plaques and wrote numerous articles in the Bulletin relating to 2037’s history. They also responded to many community requests for heritage and historical information about Glebe and Forest Lodge.

From the President, August 2022
Posted on 8th August 2022

In his President’s Report, Ian Stephenson announced that the Society is looking for Convenors for two Subcommittees – Community Development and Environment. He also reports on the National Trust’s ‘No Time to Spare II’ exhibition at the Riverside Theatre, Parramatta.

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