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Transport & Traffic

Transport and Traffic

Transport and Traffic

The goal for the future of Glebe is to develop a broad based public philosophy to transition our streets away from an auto-centric approach to one that treats streets as public places and prioritises them for walking, cycling and transit. Glebe’s urban form and low to medium density housing means that people are close to […]

Posts about Transport & Traffic

More Cycleway Madness
Posted on 7th November 2022

The Lord Mayor and NSW Minister for Transport seem uninterested in community opinion on the issue of the Bridge Road cycleway and are determined to make it permanent. The City Council also has a plan to allow cyclists to go both ways down some one-way streets in Glebe and Forest Lodge.
Bridge Road resident Di Anstey writes about the unresolved safety, parking and drop off issues associated with the cycleway and asks why St Johns Road couldn’t be an alternative route.

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Glebe Society submissions on development applications
Posted on 10th June 2022

Information about recent Glebe Society submissions on Development Applications in Glebe and Forest Lodge.

On Track
Posted on 20th September 2022

The Goods Line through Glebe – now used by the Light Rail – turns 100 this year. The viaducts crossing Jubilee Park and Wentworth Park are the longest and second longest respectively, brick viaducts built for the New South Wales Railways.

Help save the ferry – complete the survey
Posted on 14th September 2022

Please fill out this survey hosted by UTS Bachelor of Management students, who are trying to determine current and potential demand for the ferry service.

Chaos on Bridge Rd ahead
Posted on 6th July 2022

What happens when you move a busy fish market, visited daily by hundreds of trucks and vans, buses and thousands of private vehicles, from a side street to a major arterial road? Traffic chaos, with an expected double the number of customers as the current Sydney Fish Market and almost double the retail space. The Glebe Society has also deep concerns about the impact of early morning fish industry traffic. The new market will have one vehicular entrance, opposite Wentworth Park Rd.

The raison d’être of the Glebe Society
Posted on 9th October 2022

Reflections written in 2010 (with some factual updates since) on the social and economic conditions in Glebe in the 1960s and the factors that saw the birth of the Glebe Society. In the intervening 50 years, the changing demographics of Glebe have also played a role, arguably both positive and negative. By long term Glebe Society member and former Planning Convenor, Neil Macindoe.

Running the gauntlet on the Bridge Rd cycleway
Posted on 11th June 2022

The Bridge Rd pop-up cycleway was a temporary expedient initiated in September 2020. At the end of March this year the NSW Minister for Active Transport, Rob Stokes, announced it was to be made permanent despite there being no solution to the many safety and access issues. The government must reverse its decision.

The Glebe ferry is running again ‒ a faster and more convenient service
Posted on 17th December 2021

Great news! The ferry between the Blackwattle Bay wharf at the end of Leichhardt St and Barangaroo has been reinstated, now with a set timetable.

Glebe Island Bridge Slowly Falls Down
Posted on 9th December 2021

It is 12 months since the 25-year anniversary of the decommissioning of the Glebe Island Bridge and our rally calling for the restoration and rejuvenation of the Glebe Island Bridge. What has happened since?

Bridge Rd cycleway – updates
Posted on 17th December 2021

Access issues for residents and safety issues for cyclists remain unresolved. Lord Mayor Clover Moore’s statement about usage of the cycleway are challenged.

Glebe Island Bridge update, July 2021
Posted on 5th July 2021

The 2nd July 2021 marked 118 years since the opening of Glebe Island Bridge in 1903….

Glebe Island Bridge has a website!

New website highlights the past and potential of this wonderful asset, sadly now falling into greater and greater disrepair. The Society wants to see it restored and put into use as an attractive green pedestrian and cycleway linking Rozelle and Pyrmont.

Posts about Transport & Traffic

370 bus route change – Have your say!
Posted on 4th June 2021

Transport NSW plans to shorten the 370 bus route meaning that Glebe residents will no longer be able to get a single bus to the eastern suburbs and Coogee. The 370 would end at Sydney University and a new bus route would run from Sydney University through Glebe, to and from Leichhardt.

Updates on Bridge Rd Pop-Up Cycleway
Posted on 17th April 2021

Transport for NSW’s survey about the Bridge Road cycleway left much to be desired.

A missing transport link – let’s protest!
Posted on 8th April 2021

City buses from Glebe do not stop at the existing bus stop that’s key to accessing important services and transport infrastructure. Instead, passengers must alight at stops nearly ½ km away. What needs to be done.

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