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Event Reports

Indigenous Australians and the First World War
Posted on 29th May 2024

This article is the first of three drawn from Max Solling’s moving address at the 2024 Anzac Day ceremony at the Glebe War Memorial. Between 1,000 and 1,500 Indigenous Australians served in the AIF where they were accepted without prejudice, but on their return to civilian life were denied full citizenship rights. Their experience is personalised by tracing the service of some of them.

Anzac Day 2024, Glebe War Memorial

Anzac Day Service 2024
Posted on 27th April 2024

Upwards of 150 people attended the Anzac Day service at the Glebe War Memorial on Anzac Day morning. Here is a report of the proceedings and some images of the attendees.

Late Victorian streetscapes, Toxteth Estate, Glebe

Walk Report: Glebe’s Late Victorian Streetscapes
Posted on 1st May 2024

The first of three Glebe Society Guided Walks inspired by people and events 50 years ago is described. The walk, in April, explored the streetscapes of the Toxteth Heritage Conservation Area, an area now recognised for its historic and architectural significance and commemorated in the book by Bernard and Kate Smith, ‘The Architectural Character of Glebe’.

A wonderful Walk completed: Radical Glebe
Posted on 1st May 2024

A repeat of the ‘Radical Glebe’ walk was held on the 14th of April. Glebe and the walk’s guides are distinguished by the breadth of their political and social activism and the longevity of their involvement spanning many decades. The walk highlighted how much of this activism originated in Glebe.

The Villas of Glebe: A Glebe Society Walk
Posted on 29th October 2023

Another successful Glebe Society Walk in October took participants on a tour of the grand villas of Glebe, some still extant, others a matter of history.

A visit to a very special residence
Posted on 28th August 2023

Inside one of Glebe’s newest houses. Putting the focus on modern design rather than heritage buildings, Glebe Society members had the opportunity in July to visit a contemporary award-winning private residence in Glebe.

Glebe Walks: Two recent visits
Posted on 31st July 2023

In June and July, members enjoyed tours of the University of Sydney’s heritage architecture and the Chau Chak Wing Museum led by an archaeologist.  Guided tours of Pyrmont’s industrial waterfront and the Villas of Glebe and Forest Lodge are planned for September and October. 

View from the Hill by VSY May 2023

Event report: Unravelling Glebe Hill’s biodiversity secrets and potential
Posted on 29th May 2023

Learn about the Glebe Society’s collaboration with Prof. Dieter Hochuli’s Integrative Ecology group to study the biodiversity of one of Glebe’s forgotten places

A visit to Toxteth Park
Posted on 31st May 2023

In April, Max Solling led a guided walk around the Toxteth Estate culminating in an inspection of the 1831 Toxteth Park, courtesy of St Scholastica’s College.

Another Triumph! Glebe Music Festival 2022

Another Triumph! Glebe Music Festival 2022
Posted on 15th December 2022

The 33rd Annual Glebe Music Festival in November was of the highest standard. The seven-part concert series embraced music of the English Renaissance, the court of Louis XIV, Corelli and Handel, Beethoven and Chopin, the contemporary American jazz composer ‘Chick’ Corea and more. If you love music this is the festival for you – keep a look out for the 2023 Glebe Music Festival!

Glebe Society Guided Walk: ‘Radical Glebe’ – a report
Posted on 7th July 2022

The ‘Radical Glebe’ Guided Walk took place on 5 July. Meredith Bergmann, along with her long-term student friends and fellow activists Helen Randerson and Heather Goodall, shared their personal insights and contributions to the many aspects of Glebe during the 60s and 70s.

Event Report: Harold Park to Rozelle Bay: layers of history and renewal
Posted on 8th April 2022

On 17 March, thirteen people joined Jan Macindoe for an afternoon stroll to learn about the history and development of the Tramsheds and the extensive tram network in Sydney, the recent naturalisation of Johnstons Creek, the construction and destruction of the Harold Park Raceway, the construction of the railway viaduct now used for light rail, and the reclamation of the creek alongside the Harold Park apartment development.

A foreshore journey with an ecological theme – Glebe Society Guided Walk
Posted on 6th April 2022

A report on a fascinating guided walk in March that focussed on the Blackwattle Bay foreshore and the ecology of the area.

Glebe & Forest Lodge 9th Annual Spring Bird Survey 2021
Posted on 9th December 2021

The 2021 annual bird survey was held later than usual as a result of uncertainties regarding gatherings due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, it was also our largest team of surveyors with 20 people taking part, counting birds in 11 different parts of Glebe and Forest Lodge. 970 individuals from 28 species were observed.

Report on a Glebe Society Guided Walk: ‘The Good the Bad and the Ugly …’
Posted on 7th March 2022

The Glebe Society’s 2022 program of Guided Walks kicked off on 6 February with a walk led by our President, Ian Stephenson. This walk, titled The Good the Bad and the Ugly: a hundred years of infill housing in Glebe took us on a stroll through the Lyndhurst, St Phillips and Bishopthorpe Estates.

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