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Celebrating Conservation and Change in Glebe: 40 years of the Glebe Society  pub.2009 The Glebe Society ISBN 978 0 9598635 6 7

Grandeur and Grit: a History of Glebe, Max Solling, 2007, Halstead Press, ISBN 978 1920831387

Leichhardt on the Margins of the City, Max Solling and Peter Reynolds, 1997, Allen & Unwin, ISBN 1 86448408 X

The Architectural Character of Glebe by Bernard and Kate Smith (1973, reprinted 1989) Sydney University Press, ISBN 0 424 00155 1.

The Glebe: Portraits and Places by Freda MacDonnell (1975) Ure Smith,
ISBN 0 7254 0229 6.

Balmain to Glebe, Pictorial Memories by Joan Lawrence and Catherine Warne (1985, reprinted 1995) Atrand Books, ISBN 0 908272 02 5.

Preparing Glebe Point Road for the 21st Century by K. Burgin and I.S.F. Jones (1990), University of Sydney, ISBN 0 86758 320 0.

Glebe Point Road: Urban Design Study documented all existing buildings on Glebe Point Road in 02/1990 and this information can be made available upon approach to The Glebe Society Inc. PO Box 100, Glebe NSW 2037.

The Boatshed on Blackwattle Bay by Max Solling (1993), Glebe Rowing Club, Ferry Road Glebe 2037, ISBN 0 646 14811 7.

The Western Lines of the Sydney Tramway System by David R. Keenan (1993), Transit Press, based on The Red Lines by R.K. Henderson and D. Keenan. (The book originated from a series of articles which appeared in Electric Traction magazine in 1969. It details the lines to Abbotsford, Leichhardt, Lilyfield, Balmain, Birchgrove and Glebe Point as well as the cross suburban route between Darling Street Wharf, Balmain and Canterbury.)

House Names of Australia: The complete guide to naming your house by Graham Gould. Lyre Bird Publications, Moonee Ponds.

Heritage of Hunters Hill (4th edition) This 150 page book contains photographs by the late Douglis Baglin of over 350 listed homes and buildings in Hunters Hill together with a brief description of their history. The book is available from the Trust at PO Box 85, Hunters Hill 2110 for $29.95 plus $6 postage or from Gleebooks.

Leichhardt: On the Margins of the City by Max Solling and Peter Reynolds (1997) Allen & Unwin. (A social history of Leichhardt and the former municipalities of Annandale, Balmain and Glebe. “The whole process of creating and peopling Leichhardt’s streets is examined against a background of demographic change, improved methods of transportation and the availability of land and capital. The transport, close-knit communities in the schools, churches and pubs that sprang up while local government went about the task of laying down the basic urban structure of the municipality have been penetratingly analysed.”)

Ducks on the Pond by Anne Summers (2000) Penguin Books Australia, contains an interesting chapter on Glebe and the establishment of the first women’s refuge in Australia, Elsie, ISBN 0 14 027808 7.

Annandale Amble (2003) is published by the Annandale Historical Society and edited by D. Springett and D. Lawrence (an occasional publication).

Grandeur & Grit: a History of Glebe by Max Solling (2007) Halstead Press.


Further Reading …

The Leichhardt Historical Journal is published yearly and contains articles of significance to Glebe from time to time. Annual subscription is $25.00 – contact Hon. Editor, 9 The Avenue, Balmain 2041.

The Whitlam Government, 1972-1975 by E.G. Whitlam (1985) Penguin Books Australia, contains historical perspective on The Glebe Estate.

The Past is a Foreign Country by David Lowenthall (1985) Cambridge University Press.

Looking after your Community’s Heritage by Bruce Pennay (1995) Charles Sturt University, Albury ISBN 0 947 156 86 0.

Looking after Heritage Places by Michael Pearson & Sharon Sullivan (1999) Melbourne University Press.

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