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The President’s Page

President’s Report for March 2021
Posted on 7th March 2021

Report from the Glebe Society President, Janet Wahlquist on the Society’s recent activities.

From the President – April 2022
Posted on 6th April 2022

Catch up with what we’ve been doing by reading the President’s Report. This month has seen us attending meetings with Council and other groups with similar goals to ours. Our program of Guided Walks is also going strong.

From the President – March 2022
Posted on 7th March 2022

The Glebe Society has been incredibly busy over summer. Catch up with what we’ve been doing by reading the President’s Report.

The most serious threat to Glebe’s scale and community in fifty years
Posted on 16th December 2021

In November, the Sydney City Council’s approved a Development Application by the NSW Land and Housing Corporation to erect two 8-storey apartment towers and five 3-storey terrace houses in the St Phillips estate in Glebe. This represents the most serious threat to the urban character and community of Glebe – what makes Glebe’s special – in almost fifty years.

From the President
Posted on 11th November 2021

New Glebe Society President, Ian Stephenson, reports on a busy October for the Society. In this picture Ian stands to the left of Norma Hawkins at the tree planting ceremony in her honour.

From the President, August 2021
Posted on 2nd August 2021

Glebe Society President, Janet Wahlquist, provides an update on the Society’s recent activities and what’s new in Glebe and Forest Lodge

Submission to the Inquiry into the Electoral Legislation Amendment (Electoral Funding and Disclosure Reform) Bill 2017
Posted on 28th April 2018

The Glebe Society calls on the Government to reject this Bill. The proposed changes go far beyond the stated intent in relation to foreign donations, and will result in unintended consequences that stifle social advocacy and democratic debate.

President’s 2017 AGM Report
Posted on 25th August 2017

By Allan Hogan, August 20, 2017. It’s been a busy year for the Society, with many notable achievements, but we’re not sitting on our laurels, there are ongoing issues that require continuing attention.

Invitation to the Glebe Society’s 48th AGM
Posted on 28th July 2017

All members of the Society, and especially new members, are cordially invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Society at Glebe Town Hall, St Johns Rd Glebe on Sunday 20 August at 11am.

From the President (May 2017)

From the President (May 2017)
Posted on 1st May 2017

Historic Buildings Top the Charts in Glebe Society Survey and
End of an era: Liz Simpson-Booker retires as Heritage Convenor

President’s Letter to Luke Foley re WestConnex

President’s Letter to Luke Foley re WestConnex
Posted on 27th October 2016

President’s Letter to Luke Foley re WestConnex

President’s Report to the 2015 AGM
Posted on 25th September 2015

During the year, we have been treated to an extraordinary amount of ‘consultation’, particular by UrbanGrowth NSW in relation to the Bays Precinct. But the substance has been entirely lacking.
I take this opportunity of wishing everyone well for the coming year. May it not be so busy.

June 2015

June 2015
Posted on 30th June 2015

Sydney City Council – Fit for the Future There was an extraordinary meeting of the Council on Thursday 18 June to consider the Council’s submission to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) concerning the NSW Government’s ‘Fit for the Future’ local government review process designed to reduce the number of Councils in NSW. Without […]

December 2014

December 2014
Posted on 8th December 2014

Undoubtedly, the most significant matter this month has been the so-called Bays and Foreshores Experts Summit on 19 and 20 November. The development of this huge site is going to affect all of us and our families for the next 30 years at least, and it is important that the government gets it right by actually listening to the community.

September 2014

September 2014
Posted on 23rd September 2014

I am reminded that I was nearly a quarter of a century younger when I last took over as President of our Society. And the Society was nearly a quarter of a century younger too, though the issues confronting Glebe were remarkably similar. Then, as now, the price of liberty was eternal vigilance.

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