By Ian Stephenson, Bulletin 6/2023, August 

Update on current DAs

D/2023/393: 20 Forest Street Forest Lodge, 22 Forest Street Forest Lodge, 13 Ross Street Forest Lodge and 15 Ross Street Forest Lodge. Supplementary Comments in relation to a report placed on public exhibition after the closing date.  See submissions.

D/2019/1470A: Wesley Mission 274-276 Glebe Point Road.  See submissions.

Decision of the Local Planning Panel

At its meeting on 19 June 2023 the Local Planning Panel approved the Development Application for St Scholastica’s College, 2 Avenue Road Glebe, D/2022/229

The Panel upheld the variation requested to the Height of Buildings development standard, in accordance with Clause 4.6 ‘Exceptions to development standards’ of the Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2012.

Determinations by the City Planning Unit

D/2022/880, 73 Ferry Road, Glebe: approval of the demolition of a two-storey house which is a Contributory item in the Glebe Point Heritage Conservation Area.