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About the Glebe Society

Glebe is an inner Sydney suburb notable for its distinct village character, heritage streetscapes and strong sense of community.

The 1960s saw the start of organised resident action in the inner city. This led to the formation of the Glebe Society in 1969.

What can we do?   How do we do it?

Our constitution sets out our aims and what we can do.  We do it by our Management Committee and subcommittees.  The Management Committee authorizes all legitimate action.  It delegates authority within terms of reference to subcommittees.  So the core of what we do can be found in these terms of reference.  We also have policies that cover general matters.

What do we do?   What have we done?

We ensure that heritage, environment and community of Glebe is conserved.  Each of our subcommittees works towards this duty.  Some of our achievements can be found here.  We get together in social, community and campaign events to share, learn and enjoy.

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