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Glebe’s social, commercial and industrial history

This year the Glebe Society’s Bulletin has published many fascinating articles about Glebe’s social, commercial and industrial history, its historic buildings and about the people and families who lived here in the 19th and 20th centuries. Often in response to enquiries from members of the public with a family connection to Glebe.

What’s happening at Bidura?

Bidura at 357 Glebe Point Road was built in 1860 by Edmund Blacket and is listed on the State Heritage Register. Property developer Vision Land has plans to demolish the Metropolitan Remand Centre (behind the heritage building) and replace it with an apartment block. The Council is expected to make a decision about the latest DA in mid-December. Meanwhile the heritage building and fence look to be in serious need of repair.

Society wins grant to investigate Glebe’s Hill as urban wildlife refuge

Great news from the Blue Wren Subcommittee! The Society has been awarded a City of Sydney Innovation and Ideas Grant to investigate Glebe’s Hill potential as a site of the City’s first urban wildlife refuge.

What’s happening with the Bridge Rd cycleway

The Society met recently with representatives of Transport NSW to discuss the problems with the Bridge Rd cycleway and to get an update on proposed improvements. The Management Committee is particularly concerned about the stretch of cycleway between Glebe Point Rd and Ross St because of safety for cyclists and amenity for residents. We note that not all our members share this view. Your feedback is welcome.

Thank you, Keiran! All the best for the future

The Glebe Society has great respect for the way Keiran Kevans, outgoing Coordinator of Glebe Youth Service, has brought together so many community groups in Glebe. Keiran reflects on his time at GYS and its growing role in the community.

Mystery photo – December 2022

Not a mystery this time, but an undated photograph taken on the back steps of Ellangowan, a mansion in Stewart Street that was demolished around 1970. See also the answer to last month’s mystery photo.

Blue Plaque Nomination – 23 Avenue Rd

The NSW Government has called nominations of places linked to notable personalities and events for recognition as part of the NSW Blue Plaques program. The Glebe Society made a number of nominations. The tenth site nominated by the Society is 23 Avenue Rd, Glebe. the former home of Bernard and Kate Smith and where the Glebe Society started from a meeting held on 27 February 1969.

Glebe, naturally…

33 different bird species were identified during this year’s spring bird survey in Glebe and Forest Lodge, including a tawny frogmouth, lots of lorikeets and magpies, herons, tree martins and red wattlebirds. Two brush turkeys have recently been spotted building their characteristic mounds.

Glebe Public School: Call out for musical instruments!

Do you have any woodwind or brass instruments lurking in a cupboard unused? Glebe Public School is looking for donations to get a band program started next year.

Glebe Society 2022 Christmas appeal

Members are asked to provide items for Christmas gifts for children and parents living in supported accommodation in Glebe. The Society is joining with the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse cancer centre in Camperdown, in this annual appeal.

Uncle Ray Minniecon honoured

On Tuesday 11 October, standing near the Scarred Tree in the grounds of St. John’s Church in Glebe, Uncle Ray Minniecon bowed his head to receive the Hubert Walter Award for Reconciliation and Interfaith Cooperation medal from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. Uncle Ray is the pastor of St. John’s Indigenous Ministries

Society nominates home of Dorothy Drain for a Blue Plaque

In September last year the NSW Government called for communities to nominate places linked to notable personalities and events for recognition as part of the NSW Blue Plaques program. The Glebe Society made a number of nominations. The ninth site nominated is 52 Toxteth Rd, Glebe, the former home of Dorothy Drain, once one of Australia’s best known journalists.

Jamie Parker to quit Parliament at next election

Jamie Parker MP has represented the state seat of Balmain (in which Glebe is located) for nearly 12 years but has recently announced his decision not to contest the next election in March 2023. He spoke to the Glebe Society Bulletin about his proudest achievements and what he leaves undone.

Attention members! Christmas Party 2022

The Glebe Society Christmas Party will be held on Sunday 11 December 2022 from 5 pm to 7 pm at The Gardener’s Grill in Victoria Park, in a beautiful 19th century gothic sandstone lodge building. Two types of tickets are available. An ‘all weather ticket’ which guarantees a place – rain, hail or shine – and a ‘fine weather only ticket’ which will enable you to attend only if the weather is fine.

More Cycleway Madness

The Lord Mayor and NSW Minister for Transport seem uninterested in community opinion on the issue of the Bridge Road cycleway and are determined to make it permanent. The City Council also has a plan to allow cyclists to go both ways down some one-way streets in Glebe and Forest Lodge.
Bridge Road resident Di Anstey writes about the unresolved safety, parking and drop off issues associated with the cycleway and asks why St Johns Road couldn’t be an alternative route.

See the News Archive for earlier items.

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