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  1. Comment by Julie Priestley on 20 April 2023 at 3:57 pm:

    I’m trying to find out where the excelsior knitting mills were located . My great grandmother Elizabeth Louisa Francis Mullins. Married name ( Morgan ) owned the mills .My Great Grandmother lived in Arundle st Forest lodge. Died 1935. Julie Priestley

  2. Comment by Ray Marler on 7 June 2022 at 10:05 am:

    My name is Ray Marler and i started kindergarten at Forest Lodge Public School in the early 1950’s, i know of John Robertson who left a comment here regarding his horse being at the stables on the corner of Ross and Arundel St’s.

    John, if you read my comment, i remember you well, you had arrived back from America, you had a black and white, or brown pony, that you left in the park to eat the long grass there and i would help you feed it, (have i got the right John Robertson ?), i do remember the stables, but never went there and i also would be sent up to buy fish and chips for the family at that shop, later i would sell newspaper to them to wrap fish and chips and the fruit and veg shop also, i had a paper run there later scaling the trams to sell the papers, what memories i have.

    I lived at 66 Ross St (my grandparents house) next to the shop, just up from Harold Park Hotel, i left the area when i was 9 years old, but remember alot of growing up there, Woolworths Storage factory was across the road, (now gone), Harold Park was my second playground, especially after the trotts and dog nights when we would slip under the fence the next morning before the cleaners arrived to clean up, we looked for anything of value that was dropped by the people attending and found many coins / notes and sometimes bracelets, womans high heel shoes etc.

    The ASTOR on Glebe Rd i would go to on a Saturday afternoon to watch the movies (pictures back then) and went there when the American Yo Yo experts were on stage demonstrating how to use the Yo Yo, i could go on and on, it seemed like i lived a lifetime there, but i never did, moving over to the Northern Beaches when my father took up a job there, so that is where i grew into a man, now i live on the Central Coast, age 75.

    Many great memories of growing in the Glebe, Forest Lodge area and attending the school, i did try to contact Joe Crouch who i was real good mates with at the time, through his sister Heather, but he never did respond. sadly.

  3. Comment by Evan Kontoukas on 31 July 2020 at 7:07 pm:

    I have just noticed these comments. I am the son of Peter who passed away in 1975 and Dorrie who passed away in 1986 I was their only child. I remember very clearly every Friday night the trotting owners at Harold Park used to come into my parent’s shop. I also remember the local boys earning pocket money by helping to park the cars at Harold Park. We once also had Johnny Devlin from Bandstsnd come into our shop one Saturday afternoon.

    Diane Cilento (Sean Connery’s ex wife)also opened a restaurant opposite our shop but it didn’t just long.

    Cant beat these memories.

  4. Comment by Ian Gordon Elliott on 10 July 2020 at 8:21 pm:

    Hello The Glebe Society,
    Thank you for allowing comments.
    I came here looking for any info of my ancestor Rachel Barham nee Maule (b1818-d1892) who married James Barham and after James died, John Sidney Barham, and lived in the Glebe.
    If anyone else is looking for info of them, you are most welcome to contact me, I would love to share, and if you have info you would like to share, I would be very appreciative.
    Thank you.
    Ian Gordon Elliott
    ian.elliott.g at

  5. Comment by Dorothy Pellarini on 15 June 2018 at 12:01 am:

    Hi Evan,

    My name is Dorothy Howe. My family lived in Arundel St, Forest Lodge from 1949 to 1972. All of my brothers and sisters went to St James Primary School, I was one of 18. We played in the stables which were owned by the Rogers family, at least we thought they owned them? There was an old stable hand there who fed the horses apples and sometimes gave one to the kids, hence his nick name was Apples. When the stables were being demolished my father gave us pocket money to carry bricks home to pave our backyard and design our front garden.
    Every Friday night we had fish and chips from the fish shop that Peter and Dorrie ran. They hired some of my brothers to cut the chips and batter the fish for pocket money and sometimes they’d send them home with extra fish and chips for the family. They were a lovely couple, all the kids loved them as they were very friendly and happy to have us around. I believe my youngest brother used to play with Evan Kontoulas, Peter and Dorrie’s son.

  6. Comment by John Robertson on 27 August 2017 at 5:32 pm:

    Hi Evan

    My name is John Robertson, I attended Forest Lodge primary school 1952-58. I also had a pony in the stables on the corner of Ross and Arundel St where Toyota now stands. Unfortunately I have no old photos only memories. In the years from 1951 to 1956 I purchased milkshakes at the corner shop, 4 Ross St Forest Lodge and remember a young dark haired lady serving me, most likely your mum.

    I would like to make contact someone who remembers those stables.

  7. Comment by Evan kontoulas on 21 August 2016 at 8:44 pm:

    My name is Evan Kontoulas I attended forest lodge primary school between 1963-1967 and my late parents peter&dorothy Kontoulas ran the fish shop at 4 Ross street,forest lodge between 1949 to 1970 . At the same time my family became close with Fred & Bessie mc Innes of 8 Ross street,forest lodge .fred mc innes was a 1stworld war veteran having fought on the western front. I am seeking whether there are any old photos of no 4 Ross street and or no 8 Ross street,forest lodge

  8. Comment by Barbara on 22 June 2016 at 11:44 am:

    Sorry her name was Mary Catherine Hollingworth

  9. Comment by Barbara on 22 June 2016 at 11:43 am:

    I believe my great grandmother lived at 28 Ferry Rd, Glebe according to the 1930 Electoral role and I remember my grandmother going to Glebe quite often. Would it be possible to find out if this was the right address and if it is still there today any other info would be greatly appreciated
    thanking you

  10. Comment by Marcia Holdsworth on 19 January 2015 at 4:58 pm:

    My name is Marcia Holdsworth. My 4x great grandfather was Michael Golden (of Golden Estate ) I am descended from his daughter Margaret Golden who married Laurence Kavanagh.

    I have recently read a 2004 edition of the Glebe Society Bulletin a competition called Who Lived in Your Street and a Lyn Collingwood of Leichhardt Street wrote an entry on Michael. Of course none of the facts stated are referenced in the story and I was wondering if I could get in touch with Ms Collingwood. I realise she wrote this ten years ago.

    I have done a lot of research on the Golden family since the early 2000’s – now I have retired from my library employment I am writing all the facts down into my own story for my descendants and for my cousins
    I look forward to an early reply if you can assist me


    Marcia Holdsworth

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