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Yearly Archives: 2022

More Cycleway Madness

Posted on 7th November 2022

The Lord Mayor and NSW Minister for Transport seem uninterested in community opinion on the issue of the Bridge Road cycleway and are determined to make it permanent. The City Council also has a plan to allow cyclists to go both ways down some one-way streets in Glebe and Forest Lodge.
Bridge Road resident Di Anstey writes about the unresolved safety, parking and drop off issues associated with the cycleway and asks why St Johns Road couldn’t be an alternative route.

From the President – November 2022

Posted on 4th November 2022

Catch up with what’s been happening at the Glebe Society. After ten years doing an amazing job as editor of the Bulletin, Virginia Simpson-Young is standing down. Allan Hogan takes her place on an interim basis. Welcome also to three new committee convenors – Louis Taborda, Community, Tamira Stevenson, Environment and Duncan Leys, Transport.

Mystery photo – November 2022

Posted on 4th November 2022

Where are we, and what’s changed? See also the answer to last month’s mystery photo.

The Glebe Society icon

Glebe Society submissions on development applications

Posted on 10th June 2022

Information about recent Glebe Society submissions on Development Applications in Glebe and Forest Lodge.

Demonstration against demolition of public housing in Wentworth Park Rd

Posted on 2nd October 2022

On 17 September, Hands Off Glebe held a demonstration to protest against the demolition of 17 public housing units at 82 Wentworth Park Rd by the NSW Land and Housing Corporation. Speakers called for existing public housing estates to be upgraded and repaired and for the social and urban fabric of Glebe to be respected, and for the NSW Government to stop ‘cannibalising’ public housing.

Lake Northam, Victoria Park

Posted on 6th October 2022

Victoria Park – and Lake Northam – have a rich history. Have a look at some photos depicting Lake Northam at different periods in history.

Sydney Streets comes to Glebe, 5 November

Posted on 4th November 2022

Glebe Point Rd will be closed to traffic to St. Johns Rd from 11 am this Saturday 5 Nov, with food from local eateries, live music, entertainment, activities for children and more on offer.

Glebe’s Blue Plaque Nominations, Part 8: Etty Mace

Glebe’s Blue Plaque Nominations, Part 8: Etty Mace

Posted on 6th October 2022

by Lyn Collingwood, from Bulletin 8 of 2022, October The eighth site nominated by the Glebe Society for a Blue Plaque is 151 Glebe Point Rd, where the abortionist Etty Mace (1878-1950) lived. Although used for centuries as a means of preventing the birth of unwanted children, abortion in NSW was not fully decriminalised until […]

The Glebe Society Bulletin –a previous editor’s memories

Posted on 6th October 2022

Sadly, this is Virginia’s last Bulletin, at least for now. This has prompted former Bulletin editor Edwina Doe to look at all the Bulletins, since 1969, on the Glebe Society website.

Mystery photo – October 2022

Posted on 2nd October 2022

Where are we, and what’s changed?

The Glebe Society’s 2022 Annual General Meeting

Posted on 11th September 2022

Read about the Society’s 2022 AGM held in September at Glebe Youth Service, access last year’s AGM minutes and click on the links to go to the annual reports by the President and each of Subcommittees.

President’s 2022 Annual Report

Posted on 11th September 2022

The Society has been working to nurture Glebe’s special magic for over 50 years. Our three pillars, community, environment and heritage, remain as relevant as ever. The fact that our membership grew by 10% to 449 shows we continue to engage the people of Glebe.

Bays and Foreshores Subcommittee 2022 Annual Report

Posted on 11th September 2022

The Convenor of the Bays & Foreshores Subcommittee had her work cut out for her in 2021-2022, fighting massive overdevelopment in a number of locations around our foreshores.

Superb fairy wren

Blue Wren Subcommittee 2022 Annual Report

Posted on 11th September 2022

The sighting of a superb fairy wren in a Glebe garden in early 2022 was a cause for great celebration by the Blue Wren Subcommittee. This last year, the Subcommittee continued its work on habitat as well as the annual Spring Bird Survey, the annual Biodiversity Lecture, the Craney Small Grant and many hours of volunteering by the Bushcare teams. Add to that the Subcommittee’s input on planning around The Hill, a wildlife corridor, Council’s Street Tree Plan and local Crown Lands.

On Track

Posted on 20th September 2022

The Goods Line through Glebe – now used by the Light Rail – turns 100 this year. The viaducts crossing Jubilee Park and Wentworth Park are the longest and second longest respectively, brick viaducts built for the New South Wales Railways.

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