by Hannah Brack, UTS Bachelor of Management student, from Bulletin 7/2022, September 2022

The Blackwattle Bay ferry (photo: Hannah Brack)

Please fill out this survey hosted by UTS Bachelor of Management students: The students are trying to determine current and potential demand for the ferry service to work out a strategy to promote the ferry service.

We are a group of university students working to ensure the Glebe Blackwattle Bay Ferry has adequate demand before the end of its trial this year to ensure the service is sustained. The F10 service currently runs from Glebe (Blackwattle Bay) to Barangaroo in just 13 minutes! Perfect for a peaceful commute to work, trying the many lively restaurants in Barangaroo or having a spring picnic with the kids on Stargazer Lawn. Check out timings on Google Maps or the TripView App. The service runs seven days a week and is bike, kid and COVID-friendly. As it is a trial, it is not on the Opal network yet so please bring a card to tap!

In collaboration with UTS Shopfront we chose this project as part of our subject ‘Current challenges in Tourism’ where we gain experience working in the community sector for a not-for-profit organisation and help to make a positive social impact.