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Blasts from the Past

Blasts from the Past
Posted on 12th March 2018

Sarah Fogg, from the Society’s Communications subcommittee, has dipped into this now-complete archive, to extract some interesting snippets from the first Bulletin for each volume from 40, 30, 20 and 10 years ago.
Your reflections on these snippets are most welcome.

100 years ago in Glebe & Forest Lodge this month: November 1920
Posted on 4th November 2020

A snippet of history…

Detonator accident, Victoria Street, Glebe Point, 30 November 1919.

100 Years ago in Glebe & Forest Lodge – November 2019
Posted on 23rd February 2020

Researcher’s Note: This is the tunnel which today is used by the light rail. For related articles on the tunnel see Bulletins 2016 (Issue 5) and 2017 (Issue 8).

The Seventies
Posted on 4th April 2018

How different things could have been, Expressways through Glebe, ‘The Glebe Ferry’, ‘The Ungreening of Glebe’, ‘Use the Library!’, a homecoming poem, Bidura site development, University Hotel and Opening Up the Glebe Foreshore.

The Eighties
Posted on 4th April 2018

Public transport v expressways, ‘Reflecting on the socio-economics changes in Glebe’, ‘Bicentennial Park Two Steps Closer’, ‘The incinerator to become a brewery’, ‘Traffic Petition from The Glebe Society’, ‘Army stands firm’, ‘Oops’, a Helipad for Glebe, Anzac Bridge plans unveiled, ‘As grand as the Botanic Gardens’ and “Sign to be removed from University Hall’

The Nineties
Posted on 4th April 2018

A hospital, prison or library, ‘Wentworth Park’, Report from Councillor Macindoe, ‘Sydney airport(s)’, “A Glebe Ferry’, ‘Light Rail’, ‘Claytons Public Consultation’, ‘4WDs in the Park’, ‘Progressive Dinner’, Tranby Aboriginal C-Operative College, ‘A bus to the airport’ and ‘The boxing gloves outside Gleebooks’

The Noughties
Posted on 4th April 2018

Events in Glebe, ‘Bellevue, 55 Leichhardt St’, ‘Wentworth Park: a changing Scene’, ‘Glebe Conservation Study’, ‘$30,000 to preserve Wireless House’, ‘Captain James Francis Hurley, OBE’, ‘Lucky Catch’, Guest Writer: Tom Uren, ‘Temple Fire’, ‘Public Art’, Fish Market upgrade and Glebe Point Road upgrade

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