Bulletin 7/2022, September 2022, updated

A different slant on community consultation, inviting input/ideas for the future of Wentworth Park (photo: Phil Vergison)

The City of Sydney is developing a ‘community vision’ for Wentworth Park. On their website, the City of Sydney writes:

In its Pyrmont Peninsula Place Strategy, the NSW Government has committed to relocating the greyhound track, currently licenced to the Greyhound Breeders Owners & Trainers Association until 2027, to create one large, unified park. The north and south sections of the park are currently under the City of Sydney’s care. We welcome the State Government’s commitment to provide this significant parcel of Crown land as public open space.

Working towards a consolidated park is also an identified action in the City of Sydney’s Wentworth Park plan of management. When the City of Sydney is appointed Crown Land manager for the entire park, we’ll revise the plan of management to reflect the community’s vision for this open space.

During August 2022, the Council invited residents to imagine a unified park and tell them what you’d like to see and do there, how you use the park now, what you like about it and how you see it being used in the future. The opportunity to provide feedback is closed now, but a draft concept plan for the site will be available later in 2022 for further community feedback.

Wentworth Park … it is one of the jewels in Glebe’s crown. Since at least 1878, the whole of Wentworth Park has been ‘set apart and dedicated in perpetuity for a park or place for public recreation’. The park was important in 1878, it is vital now.

Ted McKeown, former Chair of the Board of Wentworth Park Sporting Complex Trust and member of the Glebe Society Management Committee, writing in Wentworth Park – Jewel in Glebe’s Crown and Bulletin 4/2016 (p. 10).

Panorama of Wentworth Park, no date or creator (source SLNSW)
This view of Blackwattle Bay from Glebe Point was painted between 1870 and 1873 and is attributed to Francis H. Boyer. The bridge is now Bridge Rd and the bay to the right of the bridge is now Wentworth Park (source: SLNSW)