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Guided Walks Program 2022 – Exploring Glebe and surrounds

Posted on 22nd December 2021

Glebe and Forest Lodge are great places to walk to see heritage streetscapes, significant historical buildings, the foreshore walk, parklands and to learn about a rich social and industrial history. See our program of Guided Walks for 2022.

Glebe & Forest Lodge 9th Annual Spring Bird Survey 2021

Posted on 9th December 2021

The 2021 annual bird survey was held later than usual as a result of uncertainties regarding gatherings due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, it was also our largest team of surveyors with 20 people taking part, counting birds in 11 different parts of Glebe and Forest Lodge. 970 individuals from 28 species were observed.

The most serious threat to Glebe’s scale and community in fifty years

Posted on 16th December 2021

In November, the Sydney City Council’s approved a Development Application by the NSW Land and Housing Corporation to erect two 8-storey apartment towers and five 3-storey terrace houses in the St Phillips estate in Glebe. This represents the most serious threat to the urban character and community of Glebe – what makes Glebe’s special – in almost fifty years.

The Glebe ferry is running again ‒ a faster and more convenient service

Posted on 17th December 2021

Great news! The ferry between the Blackwattle Bay wharf at the end of Leichhardt St and Barangaroo has been reinstated, now with a set timetable.

Glebe Island Bridge Slowly Falls Down

Posted on 9th December 2021

It is 12 months since the 25-year anniversary of the decommissioning of the Glebe Island Bridge and our rally calling for the restoration and rejuvenation of the Glebe Island Bridge. What has happened since?


Glebe Society Gift Membership

Posted on 8th December 2021

Are you looking for a gift for the person who has everything? A gift that they will enjoy but that will also help the community? Why not give them membership of The Glebe Society?

Who filmed in your street?

Posted on 22nd December 2021

Glebe and Forest Lodge have featured in a huge number of films, TV programs, documentaries, newsreels and advertisements.

This month’s mystery photo – December 2021

Posted on 22nd December 2021

with Lyn Collingwood, December 2021 from Bulletin 10/2021 Where are we? Please send your suggestions to history@glebesociety.org.au.            

Bridge Rd cycleway – updates

Posted on 17th December 2021

Access issues for residents and safety issues for cyclists remain unresolved. Lord Mayor Clover Moore’s statement about usage of the cycleway are challenged.

Vale Bob Armstrong

Posted on 22nd December 2021

The Society was saddened to hear of the death of Bob Armstrong. Read a little about his contribution to Glebe.

Conservation and Change in the St Phillips estate, a talk by Philip Thalis

Posted on 16th December 2021

The starting point for good urban design lies in a deep understanding of how an area has evolved over time,, said architect and urban planner Philip Thalis, in a recent talk about the evolution of the St Phillips area of Glebe and ways in which future development could echo existing streetscapes and foster social connections between residents.

Report on the Lord Mayoral Candidate’s Debate 2021

Posted on 22nd December 2021

On Saturday 20 November, the Glebe Society hosted a debate by the six City of Sydney Lord Mayoral candidates. Over 130 people attended in person and online. Before the debate all the candidates provided written responses setting out their position on key areas affecting Glebe. See the candidates’ answers.

Candidates for Lord Mayor on key issues affecting Glebe

Posted on 30th November 2021

The six candidates for Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney Council took part in a debate hosted by the Glebe Society on November 20. They also provided written answers to the Glebe Society’s questions on key issues affecting Glebe.

2021 Christmas Event

Posted on 30th November 2021

The Glebe Society’s Christmas event will be held at Beckett’s Bar & Dining on Tuesday 7th December (5.30-7.30 pm).  Book now to avoid missing out!

Mystery photo – November 2021

Posted on 17th November 2021

See the answer to the Mystery Photo for November 2021.

News from the Blue Wren Subcommittee

Posted on 11th November 2021

The main news was the celebration on October 19 of Norma Hawkins’ 99th birthday and the planting of a tree in her honour. In other news, the Council has released for comment its Draft Plans of Management for Glebe’s crown lands and Sydney Water’s naturalisation work on the Johnstons creek/canal has been completed.

From the President

Posted on 11th November 2021

New Glebe Society President, Ian Stephenson, reports on a busy October for the Society. In this picture Ian stands to the left of Norma Hawkins at the tree planting ceremony in her honour.

A talk and walk around the St Phillips estate area of Glebe, 28 November

Posted on 11th November 2021

City of Sydney Councillor and architect Philip Thalis will give a talk about the design principles which should be applied to any development in the St Phillip’s estate area of Glebe, to take account of its overall character. Followed by a walk around the estate.

The 32nd annual Glebe Music Festival 2021

Posted on 6th November 2021

COVID restrictions have lifted in good time for the 32nd Annual Glebe Music Festival to go ahead. Five concerts will be happening in Glebe between 7th and 28th November. Details here.

The Glebe Society’s 2021 AGM

Posted on 14th September 2021

Find out what the Glebe Society has been doing over the past year. Read about or watch the 2021 AGM including reports from the President and each subcommittee. See who received a Commendation this year.

Water tower heritage interpretation artwork

Posted on 6th November 2021

One of the requirements of the DA for the development of Harold Park was that the water tank associated with the Rozelle Tram Yards be reinstated. The tank has been reinstated as an artwork by Chris Fox called ‘Immerge’.

Meet the Lord Mayoral Candidates – Glebe Society event, 20 November

Posted on 5th November 2021

The Glebe Society has organised a debate on Saturday 20 November with the candidates for the upcoming City of Sydney Mayoral election. Hear what they have to say at Glebe Town Hall or by Zoom. Book now….

A Special Christmas Treat …

Posted on 9th November 2021

Members and friends are invited to the Society’s end of year gathering on Tuesday 7 December. Please also consider contributing items for community Christmas gift packs (personal care items and children’s toys and books),

Fish Markets: no pedestrian crossing until late 2022

Posted on 6th November 2021

Pedestrians walking along the Blackwattle Bay side of Bridge Rd will have to wait until the fourth quarter of next year, 2022, for a temporary pedestrian crossing to be installed near Wentworth Park Rd. A permanent crossing is scheduled for 2024, when the new Sydney Fish Markets will open.

Glebe Society Commendations at the AGM 2021

Posted on 6th November 2021

Congratulations to the three members who received Commendations at the the 2021 AGM.

Mystery photo – October 2021

Posted on 6th October 2021

The October 2021 Mystery Photo was the site on which John Byrne Court now stands.

Glebe’s environmental assets

Posted on 6th November 2021

Eva Ancher, who is in Year 6 at school, lives in Glebe. Read her thoughts on the our local environment.

Tree planting ceremony to honour Norma Hawkins

Posted on 6th November 2021

On 19th October a commemorative tree was planted on behalf of the Glebe Society at John Street Reserve to recognise Norma Hawkins’ outstanding contributions to Glebe and the wider community. It was also the occasion of Norma’s 99th birthday.

President’s Report to Annual General Meeting 2021

Posted on 5th November 2021

On Sunday 10 October, 46 members attended the 2021 AGM, via zoom. Below is the report by outgoing President, Janet Wahlquist, followed by details of the Commendations bestowed upon three members for their contributions to the Society.

Who worked in your street? 37 Glebe Point Rd

Posted on 6th November 2021

Badde Manors, Glebe Point Rd’s oldest café trading under the same name, was vandalised in late September 2021. Fortunately, emergency services arrived quickly and fire damage was minor. A variety of businesses operated at 37 Glebe Point Rd before Badde Manors opened in 1982 …

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