My Vision for the St Phillips Estate: A talk and guided walk

Philip Thalis, BSc (Arch) B Arch (Hons) – Syd Univ, CEAA Arch Urb – Paris-Belleville

Sydney City Councillor and architect Philip Thalis

Philip is a founding principal of Hill Thalis Architecture + Urban Projects, established in 1992. He has more than 25 years local and international experience across a broad spectrum of architecture and urban projects and has won more than 90 awards, commendations and competitions for architecture, urban design, planning, public domain and heritage projects.

The St Phillips estate belonged to the Anglican church until 1974. It was primarily developed in the 1870s, though the church built some new dwellings in the inter-war period. In the 1970s the Federal government renewed the historic houses and in the 1980s the NSW Government’s inner city housing team inserted low rise public housing into the estate. Two of these sites are currently being redeveloped for 8-storey apartment buildings. Future high level planning documents include the St Phillips estate in the Harbour CBD which suggests that more redevelopment is envisaged.

City of Sydney Councillor Thalis believes that conservation areas need to agile and be capable of adapting to change. In this talk he will speak about the design principles which should be applied to development in the St Phillip’s estate taking account of its overall character followed by a walk around the estate.

Date and time: Sunday 28 November 10 am -12 noon.

Location: Friend in Hand Hotel, 58 Cowper St

Book: Free of charge but please book here through Eventbrite.