Mystery photo for November 2021

by Lyn Collingwood, December 2021, from Bulletin 10/2021

Duane Loader correctly identified the picture as the rear of 11 Jarocin Ave, viewed from Reuss St.

The spacious venue for the Glebe Society’s 2006 Christmas Party, the building has been used as a factory. From c.1925 it housed the Fruit Products Company, makers of fruit juice extracts.

In the early 1930s it was occupied by Australian Prawn Products (advertised mostly in Chinese newspapers; the by-product prawn bran was sold as poultry food) and

Australian Fish Products, manufacturers of bloater paste. A representative of the company visited country stores demonstrating recipes using the paste, an essential ingredient for ‘dainty luncheons and suppers’.

From c.1937-43 the building housed Restair Rubber, makers of sponge rubber seat cushions and other rubber products. Its owners were Ouida Cody and Noeleen Kelly who met as members of the Hamiltra Club, a social club for young businesspeople.

Restair Rubber wound up after Noeleen married and had a baby.

The next occupier was Humoss Products which marketed its organic soil renovator ‘Poultry Humoss’ and ‘Henure’ granulated poultry manure to fruit and vegetable growers. The company also distributed a ‘How to Make’ pamphlet on composting.

No. 11 Jarocin Ave was subsequently used to store hot water heaters, coin machines and furniture, before its conversion to a signwriting and silk screening studio.

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