November 2021, from Bulletin 9/2021

The following members received Commendations at the 2021 AGM:

Norma Hawkins (image: UNSW)

Norma Hawkins

Norma has been a great advocate for maintaining and encouraging bird and other native life in our community. She was a founding member of the Blue Wrens Subcommittee. This work has greatly improved the amenity of Glebe and Forest Lodge for all its residents and users. She has had a commitment to the improvement of our environment in Glebe and Forest Lodge over many years. She was involved in The Friends of Orphans School Creek which was aimed at the improvement of the habitat of Orphans Creek to encourage the saving and growth of the wren population. She is an active member of Friends of John Street Reserve whose work was also directed at saving the Blue Wrens of Glebe and Forest Lodge.

She has been an advocate for the promotion of biodiversity and educating the community as to its importance. We thank you for your enthusiasm and support of projects such as the Craney Small Grants to encourage preschools and primary schools to learn about biodiversity.

A tree was planted on Norma’s 99th Birthday in John Street Reserve to honour her.

Jude Paul at the Volunteers’ Party after the 50th anniversary festival in 2019 (photo: VixPix)

Jude Paul

Jude organises the AGM and does a lot of networking to obtain nominees for office bearers and ordinary members of the Management Committee.

She takes a leading role in the physical distribution of the Bulletin hard copy. She is the first point of contact for new members. She takes a leading role in fundraising and recently has played a major role organising and doing the legwork for the membership drive. She organised from start to finish the Society’s entry in the National Trust Heritage Awards for which the Society received a commendation.

She is involved or has knowledge of almost all aspects of the Glebe Society. She wears the Glebe Society on her sleeve every day.

Judy Vergison with Phil Vergison at the Volunteers’ Party after the 50th anniversary festival in 2019 (photo: VixPix)

Judy Vergison

Judy had a large role in organising our 50th anniversary celebrations and making sure everything worked. She has been the events coordinator for some years and she goes to great trouble to make sure all details are covered, and the event is of a very high standard. She has organised many Christmas parties and the social side of the AGMs. Her contributions to discussions and decisions of the Management are often those which bring clarity to an argument. She has put in great effort for the Glebe Society