by Judy Vergison, Events Coordinator, November 2021, updated December 2021

Meet the Candidates event on Saturday 20 November at Glebe Town Hall (photo: Phil Vergison)

On Saturday 20th November the Glebe Society hosted a debate with the six City of Sydney Lord Mayoral candidates, standing for election this coming Saturday 4th December. Over 130 people attended in person and online via Zoom. 

Before the debate all the candidates provided written responses setting out their position on key areas affecting Glebe.

Questions included:

  • rezoning of parts of Glebe for high rise
  • the retention of heritage conservation areas 
  • the Blackwattle Bay overdevelopment
  • Wentworth Park, and
  • the Bridge Road Cycleway

Their responses are below

The need to protect Glebe’s character was brought home soon after the debate when the Sydney City Council Local Planning Panel approved the NSW Land and Housing Corporation’s application to erect two eight-storey apartment buildings on what had until recently been part of the St Phillip heritage conservation area. This makes the candidates’ answers to questions 7, 8 and 9 of particular interest.

I would like to thank the candidates for their participation and our members who organised the event, particularly our moderator Allan Hogan. Walking past the Broadway polling station on Monday I ran into a member of one of the election teams. He told me how impressed he was with the way the Society ran this event He said it was the best run meeting he had been to.

A recording of the Zoom debate can be viewed on our YouTube channel.