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Glebe Society Guided Walks Program 2024
Posted on 28th February 2024

Details about the first three guided walks for 2024. A great way to see and learn about Glebe.

The Villas of Glebe: A Glebe Society Walk
Posted on 29th October 2023

Another successful Glebe Society Walk in October took participants on a tour of the grand villas of Glebe, some still extant, others a matter of history.

Report on Guided Walk: Exploring Forest Lodge, with Max Solling  
Posted on 5th October 2023

Duncan Leys reports on the journey of discovery taken by members who enjoyed the Exploring Forest Lodge guided walk led with historian Max Solling.

A visit to a very special residence
Posted on 28th August 2023

Inside one of Glebe’s newest houses. Putting the focus on modern design rather than heritage buildings, Glebe Society members had the opportunity in July to visit a contemporary award-winning private residence in Glebe.

Glebe Walks: Two recent visits
Posted on 31st July 2023

In June and July, members enjoyed tours of the University of Sydney’s heritage architecture and the Chau Chak Wing Museum led by an archaeologist.  Guided tours of Pyrmont’s industrial waterfront and the Villas of Glebe and Forest Lodge are planned for September and October. 

View from the Hill by VSY May 2023

Event report: Unravelling Glebe Hill’s biodiversity secrets and potential
Posted on 29th May 2023

Learn about the Glebe Society’s collaboration with Prof. Dieter Hochuli’s Integrative Ecology group to study the biodiversity of one of Glebe’s forgotten places

A visit to Toxteth Park
Posted on 31st May 2023

In April, Max Solling led a guided walk around the Toxteth Estate culminating in an inspection of the 1831 Toxteth Park, courtesy of St Scholastica’s College.

Glebe Talks 13 June: Reflections in an old mirror
Posted on 30th May 2023

Long time Glebe resident, Allan Hogan, talks about his work as a journalist and producer including his work as a war correspondent and interviewing key players on the world stage.

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Guided Walks Program 2023 – Exploring Glebe and surrounds
Posted on 30th June 2023

Glebe is a great place to walk, with heritage streetscapes, significant historical buildings, the foreshore walk, parklands and a rich social and industrial history. Post-COVID, the Glebe Society’s Events program is really hotting up. In June and July we have a heritage tour, a guided tour of a museum and a special visit to an architecturally spectacular home.

Players in the Pub – April 2023
Posted on 27th March 2023

‘A Handbag??’ Lady Bracknell’s famous line from Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Importance of Being Ernest’. That’s the next production by the Players in the Pub.

The 34th Annual Glebe Music Festival 2023
Posted on 27th March 2023

Here’s the full program for this year’s Glebe Music Festival starting 27 October 2023.

Another Triumph! Glebe Music Festival 2022

Another Triumph! Glebe Music Festival 2022
Posted on 15th December 2022

The 33rd Annual Glebe Music Festival in November was of the highest standard. The seven-part concert series embraced music of the English Renaissance, the court of Louis XIV, Corelli and Handel, Beethoven and Chopin, the contemporary American jazz composer ‘Chick’ Corea and more. If you love music this is the festival for you – keep a look out for the 2023 Glebe Music Festival!

Attention members! Christmas Party 2022
Posted on 5th October 2022

The Glebe Society Christmas Party will be held on Sunday 11 December 2022 from 5 pm to 7 pm at The Gardener’s Grill in Victoria Park, in a beautiful 19th century gothic sandstone lodge building. Two types of tickets are available. An ‘all weather ticket’ which guarantees a place – rain, hail or shine – and a ‘fine weather only ticket’ which will enable you to attend only if the weather is fine.

33rd Annual Glebe Music Festival
Posted on 14th September 2022

The 33rd Annual Glebe Music Festival will take place from Friday 4 November to Sunday 27 November. At this year’s Festival, eight concerts are scheduled, at Gleebooks, Glebe Town Hall and Margaretta Cottage in Leichhardt St. Tickets are going fast.

Save the Date: 2022 Christmas Party
Posted on 12th September 2022

The Glebe Society’s 2022 Christmas Party will take place on Sunday 11 December. More details to come.

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