by Ian Stephenson, President, December 2022 from Bulletin 10 of 2022

Margaretta Cottage, where some of the recent Glebe Music Festival concerts were held (photo: I. Stephenson)

Artistic Director, David Mcintosh has done it again!

The 33rd Annual Glebe Music Festival which concluded last Sunday was of the highest standard.

The seven-part concert series embraced music of the English Renaissance, the court of Louis XIV, Corelli and Handel, Beethoven and Chopin, the contemporary American jazz composer ‘Chick’ Corea and more. If you love music this is the festival for you.

David Mcintosh is a gifted and generous impresario. This annual festival is one of the quiet achievers of the Sydney music classical scene.

If you have never been, make sure you add it to your must do list for 2023.

Pianist Alexander Yau at the final concert of the Festival on Sunday 27 November (photograph Ian Stephenson)