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Welcome to the new look Bulletin
Posted on 26th February 2023

The Bulletin has a new format. Instead of being emailed to you as a pdf document, the publication is now sent by Mailchimp. Each story has its own headline and an introductory paragraph like this one and then a link (‘read more’) to the full story. You can still find a complete pdf of the latest Bulletin on the website under Latest Bulletin.

The Glebe Society’s 2022 Annual General Meeting
Posted on 11th September 2022

Read about the Society’s 2022 AGM held in September at Glebe Youth Service, access last year’s AGM minutes and click on the links to go to the annual reports by the President and each of Subcommittees.

President’s 2022 Annual Report
Posted on 11th September 2022

The Society has been working to nurture Glebe’s special magic for over 50 years. Our three pillars, community, environment and heritage, remain as relevant as ever. The fact that our membership grew by 10% to 449 shows we continue to engage the people of Glebe.

Bays and Foreshores Subcommittee 2022 Annual Report
Posted on 11th September 2022

The Convenor of the Bays & Foreshores Subcommittee had her work cut out for her in 2021-2022, fighting massive overdevelopment in a number of locations around our foreshores.

Blue Wren Subcommittee 2022 Annual Report

Blue Wren Subcommittee 2022 Annual Report
Posted on 11th September 2022

The sighting of a superb fairy wren in a Glebe garden in early 2022 was a cause for great celebration by the Blue Wren Subcommittee. This last year, the Subcommittee continued its work on habitat as well as the annual Spring Bird Survey, the annual Biodiversity Lecture, the Craney Small Grant and many hours of volunteering by the Bushcare teams. Add to that the Subcommittee’s input on planning around The Hill, a wildlife corridor, Council’s Street Tree Plan and local Crown Lands.

Communications Subcommittee 2022 Annual Report
Posted on 11th September 2022

The Communications Subcommittee has overseen the Society’s media activities in 2021-22, including the Bulletin, website, Facebook pages, Twitter, YouTube and the President’s Update email. Convenor Allan Hogan reports on who we engaged with, how we engaged with them and how successful we were in getting our message out to the wider community.

Heritage Subcommittee 2022 Annual Report
Posted on 11th September 2022

The Heritage Subcommittee continued their dedicated work towards the heritage preservation and enhancement of Glebe and Forest Lodge for the benefit of our community now and into the future. They contributed to the Review of the NSW Heritage Act 1977 and the Review of the Local Environmental Plan 2012, nominated properties for Blue Plaques and wrote numerous articles in the Bulletin relating to 2037’s history. They also responded to many community requests for heritage and historical information about Glebe and Forest Lodge.

Planning Subcommittee 2022 Annual Report
Posted on 11th September 2022

The Society has been working to nurture Glebe’s special magic for over fifty years. Active engagement with the planning process is an important part of this. The Planning Subcommittee has been very busy in this area over the last year. Our work has included making submissions on development applications, participating in meetings with the City of Sydney and the NSW Land and Housing Corporation, Infrastructure NSW and making detailed submissions on State Significant Developments.

Society’s audited financial statements for 2020-2021 now available
Posted on 4th March 2022

As those who attended the 2021 AGM will recall, the auditors were unable to complete their Report in time for the AGM because of unprecedented demand for their services by businesses affected by COVID-19.


Glebe Society Gift Membership
Posted on 8th December 2021

Are you looking for a gift for the person who has everything? A gift that they will enjoy but that will also help the community? Why not give them membership of The Glebe Society?

Vale Bob Armstrong
Posted on 22nd December 2021

The Society was saddened to hear of the death of Bob Armstrong. Read a little about his contribution to Glebe.

The Glebe Society’s 2021 AGM
Posted on 14th September 2021

Find out what the Glebe Society has been doing over the past year. Read about or watch the 2021 AGM including reports from the President and each subcommittee. See who received a Commendation this year.

Glebe Society Commendations at the AGM 2021
Posted on 6th November 2021

Congratulations to the three members who received Commendations at the the 2021 AGM.

President’s Report to Annual General Meeting 2021
Posted on 5th November 2021

On Sunday 10 October, 46 members attended the 2021 AGM, via zoom. Below is the report by outgoing President, Janet Wahlquist, followed by details of the Commendations bestowed upon three members for their contributions to the Society.

Blue Wren Subcommittee Annual Report 2020-2021
Posted on 13th September 2021

The Blue Wren Subcommittee was active this year, despite COVID. Read about the subcommittee’s work on biodiversity and environmental protection.

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