Ian Stephenson, Bulletin 8/2022 (October)

Ted McKeown being recognised at the 2022 AGM for his contribution to the Society through many years on the Management Committee (photo: Phil Vergison)

The 2022 AGM was held on 11 September at Glebe Youth Service, with some people joined via Zoom. It was a pleasure to see all in person at our 53rd AGM. Members can read the President’s Report and that of our guest speaker, Jamie Parker MLA, Member for Balmain. They are also published in the Bulletin.

The following people were elected as office bearers:

  • President: Ian Stephenson
  • Vice President: Mark Stapleton
  • Treasurer: Jane Gatwood
  • Secretary: Jude Paul
  • Ordinary Members: Brian Fuller, Janet Wahlquist and Mary-Beth Brinson

Ian welcomed two new Subcommittee Convenors – Tamira Stevensen (Environment) and Louis Taborba (Community Development) and both gave us an overview of their key interests.

Full list of committee members, convenors and contacts.

Glebe Youth Service

Thank you to Kieran Kevans from The Glebe Youth Service for welcoming us to the centre and to the two young women who told us about their experience and the benefits of their participation in the Centre’s program.

There were a lot of ‘thank-yous’ to the many members whose on-going and diverse contribution has ensured that the Society maintains its enviable reputation as a collaborative, consultative and transparent community organisation. The list included Katharine Vernon, Jane Gatwood, Dorothy Davis, Brian Fuller (standing down as Heritage Convenor), leaders of the Guided Walks program, the team of Bulletin deliverers, subcommittee convenors and lastly Ted McKeown who stood down from the Management Committee after many, many years of providing sound and strategic advice.

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