By Tim Hesketh, Editor, Bulletin 4/2024, June

We had four entries this month. Scroll down to see them all and find out who is this month’s winner.

Sunset with the fishing fleet (Photo: Mary Regan)

Mary carefully chose the time of day to show some of the fishing fleet at the Fish Market to best effect. The Anzac Bridge in the background shows the context very well.

Heron (Photo: Rodney Hammett)

White-faced herons abound around Blackwattle and Rozelle Bays, sometimes appearing out of place as they become bolder. This photo of a heron ignoring pedestrians oblivious to its presence was taken on the eastern side of Glebe Point Road near Mary Street.

Cockatoos (Photo: Caroline Lipovsky)

Sulphur-crested cockatoos are less common around Glebe and Forest Lodge than their Corella cousins, but black sunflower seeds are amongst their favourite foods and will attract them from far and wide.

Terrace geometry (Photo: Virginia Simpson-Young)

Virginia has an eye for a picture. The wall dominates but still draws attention to the chimney pots retreating into the background, following the roof lines.

The winner of the photo competition this month is Virginia Simpson-Young.