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Monthly Archives: March 2023

The Glebe Society’s submissions to City of Sydney Council, 2023

Posted on 1st March 2023

The Management Committee believes Glebe Society members benefit if they are informed of the Society’s submissions concerning development applications that may impact local Heritage Conservation Areas, the streetscape, the public domain or local amenity. This article contains links to recent submissions, and is updated monthly.

Unravelling the biodiversity secrets and potential of ‘The Hill’

Posted on 26th March 2023

How will the biosleuths discover the fauna and flora living on ‘The Hill’ on the northern side of the Tramsheds?  Find out at a free talk on 7 May 2023.

Updates from the volunteer bushcare groups

Posted on 27th March 2023

The volunteer bushcare groups have been busy and have some advice on how to stop your moggy attacking birds.

Glebe’s upcoming 2023 Anzac Day Service

Posted on 27th March 2023

Anzac Day this year will be observed in Glebe with a service at the Diggers’ Memorial in Foley Park commencing at 7.30 am. The service will be followed by morning tea. Everyone is welcome to attend.

From the President – April 2023

Posted on 28th March 2023

Labor had a victory in the recent election and, despite a swing of nearly 8% against them, the Greens have held the seat of Balmain in which Glebe and Forest Lodge are located. In his monthly report, the President of the Society, Ian Stephenson, thanks Jamie Parker, the retiring MP, and welcomes his successor, Kobi Shetty.

Mystery photo – April 2023

Posted on 26th March 2023

Try your hand at the April 2023 Mystery Photo – from 1937.

Players in the Pub – April 2023

Posted on 27th March 2023

‘A Handbag??’ Lady Bracknell’s famous line from Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Importance of Being Ernest’. That’s the next production by the Players in the Pub.

2023 Glebe Annual Book Sale

Posted on 27th March 2023

Support Glebe Public School by buying some books at the Glebe Annual Book Sale, 1-2 April

Postcode 2037 in Facts and Figures

Posted on 27th March 2023

Historian Lyn Collingwood has been taking a closer look at what the census tells us about how the people of postcode 2037 have changed over the years. Shock! Horror! In the 2021 census 61% of the population opted for ‘no religious affiliation’. And adults with a Bachelor degree or above totalled 54.5% of the population – nearly double the State average.

The 34th Annual Glebe Music Festival 2023

Posted on 27th March 2023

Here’s the full program for this year’s Glebe Music Festival starting 27 October 2023.

State Election – 25 March 2023

Posted on 5th March 2023

NSW goes to the polls on 25 March and there will be intense interest in the seat of Balmain, which includes Glebe and Forest Lodge. Jamie Parker, the sitting member, has decided to stand down after nearly 12 years in the job and pundits are wondering whether Kobi Shetty, the Greens candidate, will inherit his personal popularity. The Glebe Society is hosting a debate between the candidates for the seat at the Glebe Town Hall at 11.00am on Sunday 12 March.

Mystery Photo – March 2023

Posted on 5th March 2023

Each month Bulletin readers are invited to guess the location of a photo selected from various archives of Glebe and Forest Lodge. Can you guess where this photo was taken?

From the President

Posted on 2nd March 2023

An update from Ian Stephenson, President of the Glebe Society, about recent community activities and issues of interest to members.

Remembering Tibby Cotter

Posted on 2nd March 2023

The eleventh site nominated for a Blue Plaque by the Glebe Society is Monteith at 266 Glebe Point Road, where the famous cricketer Albert ‘Tibby’ Cotter lived. Blue Plaques are part of a NSW Government program that aims to capture public interest in and fascination with people, events and places that are important to the stories of NSW.

Bicycles and One-Way Streets

Posted on 5th March 2023

As reported in the November 2022 issue of the Bulletin, the City Council called for submissions on its plan to allow cyclists to travel on some roads in an opposite direction to a one-way traffic sign. In response to our members’ concerns the Glebe Society made a detailed submission that opposed the plan for 10 of the 15 proposed streets in Glebe and Forest Lodge. On 16 February the Council approved the plan for all of the proposed streets.

Having your cake and eating it too

Posted on 28th March 2023

Is it possible to build new social housing to fit in with a heritage conservation area? In this article Ian Stephenson, President of the Glebe Society, argues that the plan for the demolition of 82 Wentworth Park Rd is a case of not managing public assets in an intelligent manner.

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