A superb fairy-wren (photo: Patrick Kavanagh)

By Andrew Wood, Bulletin 2/2023 April 2023

The volunteer bushcare groups have been busy and have some advice on how to stop your moggy attacking birds.

Bryan Herden reports on Paddy Grey Reserve that “there seems to be nothing much happening in Paddy except grass cutting – certainly no new work by the City of Sydney.  Of the two sickly eucalypts, one has now been removed (without replacement yet) and the other is slowly improving. A large Traveller Palm type of plant has made an appearance and grown to a great size with astonishing speed – ‘donated’ by someone perhaps? I’ve reported it to the council and perhaps they will remove it as it seems inappropriate to Paddy. The memorial trees for Jan Craney and David Mander-Jones are both doing well.”

Anna Szanto, leader of the Glebe Palmerston and Surrounds Landcare Group says that “Recently we’ve had two working bees and are pleased to have had four new people join our group. The focus has been to weed, dispose of litter and give some plants more space to grow. Some plants have been strangled by Hardenberger, Lomandra and Hibbertia, so we pruned them back. Others have been starved of enough room to grow by bracken. We’ve begun to prune the bracken, bit by bit. It’ll be a constant job. We seem to be keeping on top of the Celtis seedlings, with just a few still needing to be pulled up, for now. And some good news: Council is due to install a light for upper Palmerston Ave this financial year.

Cat wearing the Cat Bib, which stops the cat catching wildlife (image: Cat Bib Canada)

About a week ago we found a dead bird in our garden area. We suspect a cat was responsible. We’re considering advice from Catbib Australia http://catbib.com.au/ and contacting the City Council for their recommendations. Our next working bee is planned for Sunday 30th April.” 

The Orphan School Creek Bushcare Group led by Judy Christie held working bees, attended by 6 to 10 volunteers, on the 4th and 26th February. Further weeding/working bees are planned for Sunday 2nd April and a planting day on Saturday 29th April.



For your Calendar

Sunday 2nd April, Orphan School Creek Bushcare Group, working bee, contact Judy Christie – 0437 693 372.

Saturday 29th April, Orphan School Creek Bushcare Group, planting day, contact Judy Christie – 0437 693 372.

Sunday 30th April, Glebe Palmerston and Surrounds Landcare Group, working bee, contact Anna Szanto – 0418 602 959.