By Andrew Wood, Blue Wren Subcommittee, Bulletin 2/2023 April

Glebe’s Hill, from across Johnstons Creek. (Image: Andrew Wood)

Talks about the recent award to the Society of an Innovation and Ideas Grant will be given at the Harold Park Community Hall, Tramsheds, at 2pm on Sunday 7 May.

All members, local residents and friends are invited to learn about the study of Glebe’s Hill which is being funded by the Grant from the City of Sydney. The Hill is a 0.6 ha fenced site of contaminated crown land on the northern side of the Tramsheds and the Grant will support an investigation of its fauna and flora by biological scientists from the University of Sydney.

There will be presentations about the background and reasons for the Grant application. There will also be descriptions of the methods (including camera traps, acoustic monitors, remote sensing, and in-person surveys) to be used by the University of Sydney’s Integrative Ecology Group in establishing The Hill’s biodiversity. The group is led by Professor Dieter Hochuli. Details will also be given of current investigations of habitat-use by microbats and superb fairy wrens across Sydney’s inner west.

The presentations will last about an hour and will be followed by afternoon tea; bookings should be made via Eventbrite. There is no charge for the event.