With Lyn Collingwood, April 2023, from Bulletin 2/2023

It’s 1937.  Where are we?

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See the answer to last month’s mystery photo.


And the answer is…


Dinah Ajd, Helen Carter, Stella Farmer, Nerida Kikken, Catherine Young, Carole Strange and E A Clarke recognised the distinctive initials of Grace Bros.  One guess was a tiled entrance doorway, but it’s the lift to the foyer of the department store’s auditorium. 

The auditorium was a popular venue for daytime lunches and teas and night-time entertainment, especially ballroom dancing.

(Images: The Hood Collection, Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales)


The Grace Bros auditorium set up for a ball
The auditorium foyer, 1937. 
Dudley Cantrell’s dance band