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This month’s mystery photo: June 2024
Posted on 29th May 2024

Glebe and Forest Lodge sleuths wait with bated breath for the next identification challenge and the revealing of the answer to last month’s mystery. Lyn Collingwood poses the challenge and provides a bit of history for last month’s photo..

Supporting a fellow community group: Pyrmont History Group
Posted on 1st May 2024

Following the seminal work ‘Women of Pyrmont’, first published in 2017, ‘Men of Pyrmont’ was finally produced in 2024. The new book has been glowingly described as ‘surprising, entertaining, a joy!’. It is a collection of 42 most diverse reflections on life in Pyrmont. The Pyrmont History Group is offering the two books for sale.

Max Solling’s 2024 Anzac Day address
Posted on 26th April 2024

Glebe historian, Max Solling’s 2024 Anzac Day address touching on war memorials, Indigenous Australians in the First Australian Imperial Force (AIF) and the women of Glebe.

This month’s mystery photo: May 2024
Posted on 1st May 2024

This month’s photo has something of a development flavour. Last month featured a home in Ferry Road. This home and others in the street have an interesting history which has inspired coverage of the street’s background.

This month’s mystery photo: April 2024
Posted on 27th March 2024

A new photo for this month. Can you guess where the photo’s subject is located? And find out where last month’s photo was taken.

The advertisement for Streets Ice Cream was temporarily laid bare when the side of the former corner shop at 105 Hereford Street, Forest Lodge, was stripped of paint.

‘The Cream of the Coast’ in Forest Lodge
Posted on 27th March 2024

Stripped of its paint during recent renovations, the wall of a former corner shop in Forest Lodge revealed a fragment of a Streets Ice Cream advertisement before being once more retired beneath layers of paint. The fragment was from Streets’ tagline, ‘The Cream of the Coast’.

This month’s mystery photo: March 2024
Posted on 28th February 2024

A new mystery photograph to test your knowledge of Glebe and Forest Lodge.

Blue Plaque nominations Part 21: Calmar, 128 Glebe Point Road
Posted on 28th February 2024

The twenty-first and final site nominated by the Society in 2021 for a Blue Plaque is Calmar at 128 Glebe Point Road which was designed by Edmund Blacket.

It’s official: A Blue Plaque for Dorothy Drain
Posted on 28th November 2023

She charmed Frank Sinatra into giving her a rare interview. Journalist, war correspondent, and editor, Dorothy Drain’s home in Glebe will be remembered with a Blue Plaque.

Blue Plaque nomination No 20: Hartford, 244 Glebe Point Road
Posted on 28th November 2023

A grand Glebe mansion with a history. Hartford, the home of pioneering dentist Edwin Magnus.

A successful Blue Plaque nomination for Dorothy Drain
Posted on 30th October 2023

Heritage NSW has accepted our nomination for a Blue Plaque at the former home in Toxteth Road, Glebe, of journalist, war correspondent and Women’s Weekly Editor, Dorothy Drain.

This month’s mystery photo: October 2023
Posted on 5th October 2023

The ever-popular mystery photo competition … this months’ a doozy!

Glebe’s Blue Plaque Nominations, Part 18: Harry Hopman
Posted on 5th October 2023

This month, the Society’s continuing series of nominations for a Blue Plaque recommends the home of Harry Hopman at Minerva Terrace, Wigram Road. Harry Hopman was the successful captain-coach of 22 Australian Davis Cup teams from 1939 to 1967. As architect of Australia’s post-war tennis supremacy, his stint as non-playing captain-coach became known as ‘the Hopman era’, during which he won the Davis Cup 15 times.

Lyndhurst St home of Robert Askin: Glebe’s Blue Plaque Nomination #17
Posted on 29th August 2023

NSW Premier Robert Askin lived in Glebe from 1920 to 1931. He’s probably not our favourite son, but the Glebe Society will nominate his home for a Blue Plaque.

This month’s mystery photo: September 2023
Posted on 28th August 2023

Try your hand at this month’s mystery photo. Where are we and what’s going on?

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