Bulletin no 1 of 1980
Public transport v expressways

An extract from the Glebe Society President’s address reflecting back on the first 11 years of the Society. The Open Road refers to the NRMA and the Great Train Ride route is now used by the light rail.

Bulletin no 3 of 1987
‘Reflecting on the socio-economics changes in Glebe’

 It could be argued that, in 1987, the International Year of Shelter for the Homeless, this was a somewhat rosy view of the impact of urban renewal – and gentrification – on the social diversity of Glebe, certainly as it has continued since 1987.

Bulletin no. 1 of 1988
‘Bicentennial Park Two Steps Closer’

Note: Federal Rd used to run from Northcote Rd right through where the park is now and over the wooden bridge.

Bulletin no 1 of 1988
‘The incinerator to become a brewery?’

The Glebe Incinerator located at the bottom of Forsyth St was designed by renowned architect Walter Burley Griffin in the 1930s. It was indeed saved and in 2006 restored and reinterpreted, but no sign of a brewery or restaurant. It has a small room available for meetings and small functions but which remains somewhat under-used.

Bulletin no 2 of 1988
‘Traffic Petition from The Glebe Society’

Our calls on the replacement of sandstone kerbs and gutters with concrete and proposed container access road at The Crescent were largely heeded. Not so the height of the Glebe Island (now Anzac) Bridge.

‘Army stands firm’Not firm enough clearly. The drill hall that once stood at 69-73 Hereford St was replaced by townhouses in the 90s. The existence of the former drill hall is marked by a plaque:

Plaque to commemorate the Army drill hall / training depot that occupied the land at 69-73 Hereford Street, now a residential complex

Details of the plaque can be found on the Glebe Society’s Plaque database: https://www.glebesociety.org.au/plaques/hereford-street-army/

Bulletin no 5 of 1988

A part of the residence in question can be seen below prior to its demolition for the beer garden.

The Excelsior Hotel, Bridge Rd in the 1930s (image: ANU Open Research Library http://hdl.handle.net/1885/733712848)

Bulletin no 5 of 1988
A Helipad for Glebe?

The Hospital’s days in Camperdown were in fact numbered. It relocated to Westmead in 1995 and the site was redeveloped for residential housing, now known as the City Quarter. The heritage listed administration building and nurses’ quarters were retained.

Bulletin no 8 of 1988
Anzac Bridge plans unveiled

The bridge opened in 1995 and was re-named the Anzac Bridge on 11 November 1998, the 80th anniversary of Armistice Day marking the end of the First World War.

Bulletin no 9 of 1988
‘As grand as the Botanic Gardens’

It’s hard to imagine Wentworth Park being compared to the Botanic Gardens, although there have certainly been improvements since this was written in 1988. The Society identified nine priorities including better pathways, public toilets, and play equipment, safer road crossings, landscaping, alternative parking arrangements and creation of better links between the two halves of the park on either side of the dog track.

Bulletin no 1 of 1989
‘Society Victorious – Sign to be Removed from University Hall’