An enthusiastic audience of Glebe Society members gathered on June 18, graciously hosted by Ben and Setsuko, at the lovely Yuga Café to hear Vicki Pogoulis, Principal, speak about the work of the Glebe Public School.

Vicki and Bryce Walker, Assistant Principal, explained the philosophy that drives them to work so effectively with the community as a whole and groups such as the Firies, the Police – and the Glebe Society – to transform the school into one of the state’s most successful.

Vicki and Bryce drew us in with a practical demonstration of one of the positive reinforcement methods they use at the School, the Caught Being Good vouchers distributed for good behaviours and that go into a weekly draw for prizes for the students. In this Voices session, a number of Society members were rewarded for active participation and engagement with the speakers and went home with small prizes. All went home with wide smiles.

It was an entertaining evening but, more importantly, it was inspirational to see what a group of dedicated teachers can achieve in what some might see as a challenging situation. Glebe can be very proud of its Public School.