PBy Rodney Hammett & Lyn Collingwood, Bulletin 7/2023, September

Richardson & Wrench sales plan for the Benledi Estate. (image: National Library of Australia)

Six years ago, about 30 interested people attended a function at Glebe Town Hall on how to research your house. This was organised by the Society and Bulletin 10/2017 reported on what was considered to have been a worthwhile event.   

Subsequently, ‘How to Research Your House’ was added to our website under the ‘History & Heritage’ heading.  The page included an invitation for readers to indicate whether they would be interested in attending a similar information session, at some time in the future.  There were only a few responses, and then of course the COVID shutdown intervened. So here we are in September 2023 reassessing the need for another research session.

Over recent years the Heritage Subcommittee has received numerous contacts via the Society’s website and social media for information on people and places in Glebe and Forest Lodge. These have been answered mainly by Lyn Collingwood and Rodney Hammett, often referring to the guidelines already provided on our website.

We are fortunate also that historical photographs, maps and Council records which cover Glebe and Forest Lodge can be accessed online at the City of Sydney website.

Since these guidelines and records are readily available, it has been decided to remove the reference to a future house research session from the website. Nevertheless, Lyn and Rodney will continue to answer emailed enquiries.