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Harold Park Redevelopment

Redevelopment of Harold Park

Redevelopment of Harold Park

Articles about the campaign to persuade the City Council and the State Government to adopt a better plan for the redevelopment of Harold Park than that prepared by the Government Architect.

Posts about Harold Park Redevelopment

Water tower heritage interpretation artwork
Posted on 6th November 2021

One of the requirements of the DA for the development of Harold Park was that the water tank associated with the Rozelle Tram Yards be reinstated. The tank has been reinstated as an artwork by Chris Fox called ‘Immerge’.

Correspondence with the City of Sydney on Harold Park completion
Posted on 17th December 2017

The Glebe Society is aware of wide-spread concern expressed by local residents about the lack of progress in completion of Harold Park. We are seeking information from you about the timeframe for drainage remediation and the opening of the park.

Harold Park, Harold Park ?!?
Posted on 4th June 2017

No, the heading above is not a typographical error. City of Sydney is proposing to name the newly created park in the Harold Park development, ‘Harold Park’. Is it just us, or is this very confusing?

Tramsheds Wins the National Trust’s ‘Adaptive Re-use’ Heritage Award
Posted on 4th June 2017

Congratulations to Mirvac for receiving one of the National Trust’s Heritage Awards for the adaptive re-use of the Rozelle Tram Depot.

What about the Park at Harold Park?
Posted on 1st May 2017

Locals will have noticed that turfing and tree planting in the open space at Harold Park, from the Tramsheds to Wigram Rd, was completed some months ago, and people are asking: ‘When will the park be opened?’

Harold Park Affordable Housing
Posted on 7th September 2016

The last building to be constructed on the Harold Park site is now being advertised. However, this one is not being built by Mirvac, but by City West Community Housing. The affordable housing site is on the immediate left as you enter the site from Wigram Rd. It faces east, running along Ross St.

What’s Next at Harold Park?
Posted on 8th March 2016

With almost all of the Harold Park development due to be finished this year, a quick reminder of what will be involved may be useful.

Work Commencing on Open Space at Harold Park
Posted on 26th November 2015

Council has accepted the recommended tender for the construction of new open space at Harold Park. Work is due to commence in November this year and finish in November 2016.

Report of FLAG Meeting re Harold Park – 4th Feb

Report of FLAG Meeting re Harold Park – 4th Feb
Posted on 6th February 2012

A public meeting was held on 4th Feb at St Scholastica’s College Glebe. The meeting attracted over 100 residents to discuss community concerns about the Harold Park development.

Supplementary Submission to Council re Harold Park

Supplementary Submission to Council re Harold Park
Posted on 14th October 2011

14 October 2011 Silvia Corriera Planning Department City of Sydney Dear Silvia SUPPLEMENTARY SUBMISSION: HAROLD PARK MASTERPLAN AND DAs FOR PRECINCTS 1 & 2, D/2011/1311-2 & 1298-9 The Glebe Society submitted its response to these DAs on 26 September 2011 but noting that the date for responses to the Harold Park DAs has been extended […]

“Save Rozelle Bay Association” submission to Council

“Save Rozelle Bay Association” submission to Council
Posted on 6th October 2011

TGSI members might also be interested in the views of another local community group. The Save Rozelle Bay Association' has special interest in this development because of its effects on Annandale, parkland and the foreshores. It has agreed to display its submission on our site. You will see that the submissions are complementary but with […]

Submission to Council re Harold Park Master Plan

Submission to Council re Harold Park Master Plan
Posted on 29th September 2011

The Glebe Society has sent its Submission to the City of Sydney in response to the Harold Park Master Plan as proposed by Mirvac. Please note that the Closing Date for submissions to council closed on 28th September. The Glebe Society’s submission follows.

Glebe Society meets with Mirvac re Harold Park

Glebe Society meets with Mirvac re Harold Park
Posted on 11th September 2011

The City of Sydney Council recently received a set of Development Applications (D/2011/1311-2&1298-9) from Mirvac for the first two precincts on the Harold Park site and subsequently invited comment from the community at large with a deadline of 28 September for submissions. Broadly the proposals for precincts 1 and 2 appear to conform to what has already been approved, that is, there is little change from the plans previously agreed by Council. There are some issues that the Society considers as areas of concern but members will have their own concerns based on how much they expect to be affected.

Development Application (DA) for Harold Park now available

Development Application (DA) for Harold Park now available
Posted on 4th September 2011

Mirvac has recently lodged a series of Development Applications (DAs) for the Harold Park site and these are now under consideration by the City of Sydney Council. The Society has initiated a number of activities to facilitate input from Members to the latest Council process.

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