TGSI members might also be interested in the views of another local community group. The Save Rozelle Bay Association' has special interest in this development because of its effects on Annandale, parkland and the foreshores. It has agreed to display its submission on our site. You will see that the submissions are complementary but with slight nuances in each that may suit your considerations and use.

Submission for Harold Park Development Applications for Precincts 1&2, D/2011/1311-2 & 1298-9
30 September 2011
I would like to comment on the Development Applications for Precincts 1 & 2 for Harold Park and the Masterplan. 
Proposed dwellings
  • The height of 8 storeys is excessive and will limit significant views through the site.  A height limit of 6 storeys would be more appropriate for the site.
  • Terrace house style apartments with front doors accessing the streets are a good means of creating/maintaining a sense of community.
  • Affordable housing on the site is supported and perhaps could be developed with this proposal.
Items of cultural significance
  • The views from and to “Cliff Terraces” and other vantage points are of cultural significance. Stories of people who could not afford to pay the entry fee to Harold Park travelled by tram and stood along the iron palisade fence in front of the Cliff Terraces to watch the races.
  • The views across the valley (into the site) are also significant to the community. These are apparent at the moment following major demolition on the site.
  • The green corridor along The Crescent/Minogue Crescent is also of significance as this is part of our local environment and was planted by the local community.
  • Interpretation of the site is important, including the reconstruction of the tramshed gardens and reinstatement of the war memorials. These should be a priority for the site.
Open Space
  • The accessibility of the proposed major Public Open Space/new parkland at the rear of the site needs improving especially for Forest Lodge and Annandale residents.
  • The design and implementation for the major Public Open Space/new parkland at the rear of the site should be done in conjunction with the buildings as it is a major element in the design of the site.
  • The continuity of the public open space, the green belt adjacent to Minogue Crescent to Wigram Road is important for habitat for small animals and birds and for them to move through the area. The introduction of unconnected pockets parks are not appropriate and would be perceived as private open space.
  • The all weather sports field needs to be confirmed as part of the new parkland, this has been a long suffering issue for the community.
Road network
  • The creation of pocket parks and the wide main roads within the site is a waste of space which could be better utilised for the reduction of the building heights.
  • The main access point from the proposed Minogue Crescent intersection/pedestrian access should be developed with the Precincts 1 & 2 buildings.
  • The access road across the parkland from Chapman Road should cease to be used as it is unsafe for all using the park and accessing it along this green corridor. It was introduced to be used only on 26 race nights per annum, not 24 hour usage. This road is one lane and is in the area which adjoins the cricket pitch, junior hockey field and skateboard ramp. It is currently being used by all demolition vehicles, which is impacting on Annandale residents.
  • There is inadequate onsite parking which will lead to on-street parking in the surrounding areas.
The Masterplan and the Development Applications for Precincts 1 & 2 for Harold Park for this site gives us an opportunity for “best practice” and to be the leading example in all environmental sustainability,architectural practices and community consultation and most importantly a positive contribution to the community.
Yours sincerely
Janice Cave
Vice President
Save Rozelle Bay Association
4 The Crescent,
Annandale 2038