Sydney City Council issued the following news release on 15 July 2010 

Rezoning of Harold Park must include public benefits

More than a third of the Harold Park Paceway site in Glebe could become publicly accessible open space as part of draft planning controls developed by the City of Sydney.

The draft planning controls, to be considered by Council, include 3.9 hectares of parkland with controls allowing for a sports field, walking paths and a cycle link to Johnston’s Creek and the Glebe foreshore.

“The overwhelming feedback from the local community was to create publicly accessible open space, and that’s what we are doing. We want to guarantee that at least 35 per cent of the site will be public open space,” CEO Monica Barone said.

“This is an opportunity to provide public open space and needed housing, new jobs, sustainable transport and conserve the heritage of this important site.”

Ms Barone said the controls facilitate the restoration of the historic Tram Sheds and allocate 500 sqm of floor space for community uses within the Tram Sheds.

The proposal provides for a balanced development of 1,200 dwellings, including at least 50 affordable housing units. The buildings will be 3-8 storeys in height, which is no higher than the cliff top 2-3 storey terrace houses in Glebe. A maximum floor space ratio has been proposed at 1.2:1 across the entire site.

The proposal balances community needs and amenity while helping the City to meet residential and worker targets set by the State Government.

“The City is committed to working with the community on this project and consulted with locals to help determine opportunities and constraints for the site.”

"During extensive consultation the community told us they wanted improved local village facilities, new open space, protection for the historic Tram Sheds and opportunities for the development to be sustainable. This is what we hope to deliver," said Ms Barone.

Access to the Jubilee Park light rail station will be improved, giving residents a valuable and sustainable transport option.

The site could also make a significant contribution to the City’s employment targets, creating around 520 new jobs.

Ms Barone said the report recommends proceeding with the rezoning only if the land owner commits to providing significant public benefits “If we can agree on open space, affordable housing and community facilities as part of a Planning Agreement, then Council will seek permission from the State Government to place the draft planning controls on public exhibition. The community will then have another opportunity to have their say.”

The draft planning controls will be considered at Central Sydney Planning Committee on 22nd July and by Council on 26th July.