Planning Convenor Neil Macindoe reported to the AGM on 29 August:
As of Friday 27 August, Harold Park Paceway had not reached an agreement with the City and hence the draft rezoning has not been formally presented to the Minister, Tony Kelly, with a request for public exhibition, although he has been sent a copy so he knows what it contains.  I have no doubt the Paceway is lobbying the Minister furiously to determine the application himself, but this has already been refused previously and hence would appear unlikely.  The previous Minister, now the Premier, gave an undertaking it would be determined by the City and the Central Sydney Planning Committee, where the State Government has a majority, and this is what has happened.
If the Minister decides not to intervene the Paceway can either sign an agreement with the City, or it can withdraw the application.  If there is an agreement the draft will be exhibited for public comment for 28 days.  If that happens we should campaign strongly for reduced density and height, and improved configuration and traffic management.  If the application lapses or is withdrawn nothing will happen and the site will retain its current Private Open Space zoning.  The Paceway may believe it will receive a more favourable response after the State election in March 2011.