Photo of native flora at one site in the proposed White Bay Eco-corridor – it is looking north towards the city on the point separating Cameron Cove from White Bay (photo: Keith Stallard)

By Andrew Wood and Keith Stallard, March 2022 from Bulletin 1/2022

Last year a major Strategy was released by the State Government to coordinate planning for the south-western foreshore of the Balmain peninsula, as well as White, Johnstons and Rozelle Bays, the White Bay power station and a westward extension across WestConnex to Lilyfield Rd. (See large map of corridor at the end of this post).

Keith Stallard, a Society member and resident of Balmain, suggested that a wildlife corridor be established as an important and essential feature of the future of Bays West and that it should include links to similar corridors in Glebe, Annandale, the Greenway and Callan Park. The objective of this network of wildlife corridors is to reverse the environmental impoverishment of the Bays West area by allowing native wildlife to move between parks and green spaces in search of food, water, mates and nesting places. The proposed White Bay eco-corridor and future links are shown on the map (see next page). Keith’s proposals are supported by the Glebe Society.

Keith is a member of the Port Authority’s Glebe Island and White Bay Community Liaison Group where he raised the concept of a pilot eco-corridor in White Bay. To his surprise, this was met with some interest by the Port Authority and, subsequently, one of the Authority’s key tenants, White Bay 6 Marine Park.

After months of trying, Keith organised a joint meeting of the Port Authority and Inner West Council and a walk along the proposed route of the White Bay section of the eco-corridor. Representatives from both organisations liked the idea and Keith is now leading a community-based ‘pre-feasibility study’ which will set out the environmental and social case for an eco-corridor in White Bay and identify options for its implementation. The Study is being supported with information from Inner West Council, the Port Authority, and interested experts, and will outline a way forward.

Keith has also set up a private Facebook Group as a home for those supporting the eco-corridor initiative and as a depository for information. If you would like to contact Keith or join the Group, please send an e-mail to

Map showing location of proposed White Bay Eco-corridor (solid green line) to enable wildlife to move between parks and green spaces along the northern sides of Cameron Cove and White Bay. The corridor will eventually link (dotted green lines) with similar corridors in Glebe, Annandale, the Greenway and Callan Park (map: Keith Stallard)