By Virginia Simpson-Young in Glebe Society Bulletin 10 of 2020

City of Sydney is partnering with RecycleSmart to make it easier for us to recycle items that can’t go in the yellow lid recycling bin. The pickup service collects items such as clothes, soft plastics, e-waste, light bulbs and batteries. The list of what they’ll pick up is too long to reproduce in this Bulletin, but you can view it here: Some of the more interesting items they can take are books, polystyrene, printer cartridges, toys, X-ray films, VHS tapes, kitchen appliances, radios, shoes, towels – the list goes on.

Of course, many unwanted items can be re-used rather than recycled. For example, toys and clothes can be donated to op shops. But sometimes their condition is not good enough for re-using, so RecycleSmart is a great option.

You fill a shopping bag with non-bin items and then book a pickup. The pick-up costs $2 per bag, but the first pickup is free with the code CITYOFSYDNEY.

You can find out more and book a pickup at

This is being trialled in the City of Sydney Council area, so let’s support it so that it sticks around.