No 19 Avenue Rd – the home of Lesley, Susan and Ali (the kelpie) – is not one of Glebe’s grand manor houses, but has an interesting history nonetheless. Perhaps more importantly, it was a lovely place for 40 Glebe Society members to get together for a Sunday afternoon over drinks and a sumptuous afternoon tea.

After allowing some time to mingle over a drink, our Glebe Society President, Allan Hogan, welcomed us to another sold out ‘Our House’ event. Lesley then told us a bit about the history of the house, much of which is reproduced in her and Susan’s article below. The highlight of Lesley’s talk, in my mind, was not that the house was once the home of Labor politician, Daniel Minogue, but rather the intriguing story about a previous owner’s legal battle for his ‘conjugal rights’! (You’ll need to read the ‘Who Lived in Your Street’ article for more on that story!)

Lesley also told us about how she and Susan came into possession of the house in the mid-90s after initially looking to buy in Petersham where they then lived. Although the house was badly run down, Susan saw its potential and convinced Lesley they should try for it at auction. To their surprise, they won, but it was some time before they were able to restore it to its former glory. This, I’m sure all those in attendance would agree, has been achieved.

Lesley Lynch (left) receiving flowers from Judy Vergison. Also in the photo (left to right) Peter Crawshaw, Allan Hogan and Susan Tiffin. (photo: Philip Vergison)

The ‘Who Lived in Your Street’ article is taken from a handout which Lesley and Susan made for attendees. It covers some of the house’s architectural features and history.

Thank you to Judy Vergison and her team for organising ‘Our House’; and thanks most of all to Lesley and Susan for making us so welcome.