Brian Fuller, Heritage Convenor, Bulletin 1/2022, March 2022

The Society has lodged a follow-up submission in relation to the Bidura development application (DA).

An artist’s impression of the Bidura Development Application (source DA SEPP 65 Report,, City of Sydney Online Services)

This follows a period of consultation between the City of Sydney and the developers, Visionland, and subsequent amendments to the original DA lodged in mid-2021. The amendments were on public display until 16 February 2022.

By way of background, the proposed development was given the go ahead by the Land and Environment Court (LEC) provided it observed certain conditions, particularly the extent of the building envelope, both horizontal and vertical. The recent amendments include some variations in height but, more significantly, an extension of the Penthouse footprint on the ‘bridge’ level. No explanation for the extension has been given.

The Society holds the view that the ‘bridge’ level is alien to the architectural character of Glebe, notwithstanding its approval in principle by the LEC. The Society has submitted that if it cannot be accommodated within the approved envelope then it should be removed entirely.

Bidura House on Glebe Point Road is due to be protected (photo: Phil Vergison)

The amendments do not address the other matters raised in our first submission and we have therefore re-emphasised those points in this latest submission.

On a positive note, the Heritage consultant commissioned by the developer has recognised the community’s requirement for the protection of Bidura House given its previous usages, and to the extent that it touched the lives of the many who were accommodated there. The Heritage consultant has recommended continued community consultation with various groups, including The Glebe Society, in the development of an appropriate Heritage Interpretation Strategy.