Due to the wonderful response last year to our Christmas appeal for children and their parents living in supported accommodation in Glebe we would again like to support Elsie Women’s Refuge, Rainbow Lodge, Detour House and Kathleen York House with the addition of people in the Youth Programs run by Glebe Police and headed by Snr Cst Renee Fortuna in 2018. We hope to do this by co-ordinating Christmas gifts for resident families living at and being cared for by these facilities and services.

To be aware of the people whom we aim to provide gifts for, please see the list below. Do not be frightened by the size of it though. We are also partnering with Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Hospital staff as we did last year, and Jamie Parker’s office is assisting with this appeal too.

We don’t want just toys, but hopefully some of the other items too, including clothing. Many people who’ve left home don’t have a lot, as you may know.

If you would like to provide a gift or two for some of these family members please contact Janice Challinor, the Glebe Society Community committee convenor, at community@glebesociety.org.au or phone 0401 505 657 to indicate what you have in mind or receive a suggestion.

As we’d like to ensure all people on the list are provided equally with gifts it may be preferable that you phone or email before purchasing anything, to check if there are as yet unmet areas of need.

I will collect gifts between 3 December and 17 December and deliver them to the recipient accommodation premises on Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 December. Please do not wrap gifts as they must be checked for appropriate content, but please do label with tags showing age and gender of the intended recipient, then contact me to arrange collection before the closing date.

Contact me to arrange for me to collect from your place or for you to drop off at mine. There is also going to be a Giving Tree at the Glebe Society Christmas celebration on 16 December at Glebe Town Hall. Gifts may be provided through that avenue as well.

Thank you all in anticipation; I’m sure many in Glebe will appreciate our efforts on their behalf.

The Glebe Society Christmas list:

  • Total number of women – 26
  • Total number of men – 8
  • Total Number of children – 77

The above are the combined numbers of people resident at Elsie’s Refuge, Kathleen York House, Detour House and children of men at Rainbow Lodge.

Also included are the age/gender details of local Glebe children whose families are experiencing some hardship. Many of these are from Aboriginal families, all are engaged with the Glebe Police Youth Liaison programs which aim to support children living in hardship and encourage them to find a different future for themselves.

Note:. Glebe Assistance & Partnership Program run by St John’s Church of England out of Record Reign Hall in St Johns Road.