We’ve now delivered 21 Kitchen Packs to Elsie families and Rainbow Lodge men moving into their new homes but, after a recent surge in deliveries, we are running short of stock. We really need the surplus kitchen items you have in your own cupboards, or those you can source from neighbours or friends, or maybe on your op-shop excursions.

The things we most need are the perennials – saucepans, frypans and bakeware – but we’re also very short of food prep knives, strainers, bowls, cooking implements and cutlery. And since Kitchen Pack deliveries will continue through the summer holidays, we will soon need everything else on our core list, as well as more items to stock the optional shelves (See Kitchen Pack for more information). If you haven’t recycled through our Kitchen Pack project yet, please see if you can help. Both Elsie and Rainbow Lodge management have told us repeatedly that their clients really appreciate both our practical and symbolic support.

Our normal drop-off venue at St Helens Community Centre will continue in December (3-5.30pm, 5 December and 19 December). But I’m also more than happy to collect items from your home any time, including over the summer break. Just email me at vicepresident@glebesociety.org.com with a couple of days and times that suit you.