Tramsheds, 1A The Crescent
On 8 April the Committee resolved to request the City to require alternative transport plans to accompany every proposal for the Tramsheds, as well as for Harold Park as a whole, with an emphasis on public transport, especially increasing the number of buses. The Committee believes this is necessary to ensure that the public resorts to private vehicles as little as possible, in order to reduce traffic flow and parking and protect the residents of surrounding streets.

The Society also requested that the internal spaces and vistas within the Tramsheds be retained as far as possible, along with natural lighting and ventilation, and that organic waste should be composted on site.

Harold Park Precinct 5
This is the last precinct to require approval, apart from the affordable housing site near Wigram Rd. It proposes 232 units in a U-shape adjacent to The Crescent, and comes within 7 metres of the Canal. The Society objected to the shortfall in parking and the limits on solar access and cross ventilation. The proposal currently includes a green roof and recycling of rainwater.