The Society has received a grant of $28,796 from the Federal Government under the Anzac Centenary Program.

The grant is to be used to mount an exhibition entitled Sacrifice, Struggle and Sorrow: Glebe’s Great War 1914-1918. The exhibition will examine the impact of the First World War and its immediate aftermath on the Glebe community. It will be designed to encourage participation by the whole community.

Currently the Society has a Working Party to develop the project consisting of: Ted McKeown, TGSI President; Neil Macindoe OAM (chair); Professor Mairéad Browne; Rod Holtham and Jennifer Cornwall (curator)

The Working Party has been operating intermittently since September 2012. Now with the grant announced we can plan the event. The upstairs smaller hall at Glebe Town Hall has been booked for the exhibition between 5 and 25 October 2015. This hall has good display facilities. Also, the City has donated two large secure display cases, surplus to requirements. As well as visual and audio displays the team will organise talks by experts in various aspects of the War, including participation by women and Aboriginal people. The result will be a broad account of the social impacts, rather than particular military campaigns, which will be dealt with elsewhere over the next four years.

Schools will be studying the impacts of the War on their communities. They are currently being invited to visit the exhibition – which has deliberately been scheduled during term time – as part of their studies.

As well as displaying material from official and archival sources, the exhibition is an opportunity to reveal items never seen in public before. It is likely that members of the Society have memorabilia from relatives who were involved in various aspects of the war, not just as participants, and also from relatives who were affected by it.

There is a leaflet about the Exhibition inserted in this Bulletin. If you have memorabilia that could be displayed, or would like to volunteer to assist, please email your contact details, including phone number, to or post them to The Glebe Society, PO Box 100, Glebe 2037.

The display cabinets will be available to members after the exhibition. Please indicate if you may require them. This would involve assisting in moving them to and from Glebe Town Hall.