Pile-driver at rest, Blackwattle Bay 10 February 2022 (photo: Phil Vergison)

by Asa Wahlquist, Bays & Foreshores Convenor, March 2022, from Bulletin 1/2022

Transport for NSW officials have responded to urgent concerns over pedestrian safety along Bridge Rd, next to the construction site of the New Sydney Fish Market (new SFM).

Transport for NSW is looking to install three new signs indicating Bridge Rd is a 40km/hr zone, and undertaking a study into pedestrian safety on Bridge Rd and at the entrance to the Glebe Foreshore walk.

The assurance was given at a meeting of Transport for NSW with the new SFM Community Consultative Committee (CCC) earlier this month (February). The CCC requested the meeting, concerned that disruption along the footpath and traffic lanes on the western (Bay) side of Bridge Rd was resulting in a dangerous situation for pedestrians and cyclists.

CCC member John Faulkner stressed the issue was urgent, ‘the bottom line is safety’.

The problem is that when new SFM works occur on the footpath or the road, pedestrians are forced to cross Bridge Rd, without the benefit of an official crossing. Cars are also driving too fast along Bridge Rd, ignoring or not seeing the 40km/hr signage, which is small and, in some cases, almost hidden.

A spokesperson from Transport for NSW said they would finalise plans for improved signage ‘within a few weeks’, and that they were currently undertaking a pedestrian safety review, which they aim to implement ‘sooner rather than later’. While that review will not be publicly available, she will brief the CCC on its contents.